10 Beautiful, FREE Printable 2017 Calendars


Happy New Year everyone!

As a new year’s treat to you guys, I have compiled 10 ready-to-print 2017 calendars that you can use at home, at your work place, or even in your planners. I grabbed them at freepik.com and you can download by clicking on the link below each photo.

I have been thankful for a lot of great things that happened to me and to my family last year (I’ll save it on another post) and I’m actually a little sad that I have to start a new year and leave behind special memories and stuff. But hey, endings are not always a bad thing.


“Every story has an end, but in life every end is a new beginning.” – Anonymous


I hope you enjoy the calendars! Let’s all make it happen this 2017. 🙂






Designed by Freepik







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  1. Michi (@michisolee) says:

    Your post is very timely because I’m about to search for one page calendar. I printed my monthly calendar 2 months ago and I only realized this week that I don’t have the one page calendar. I always check Pinterest for free printables, first time to know about freepik.

  2. Martine De Luna says:

    Wow, thanks for curating things. So hard to choose from! I think if I had a proper workspace where I could place this, I’d go for the second to the last one, with the moon and stars — love it! Goes well with my character and overall aesthetic. Hey, happy new year! May 2017 be blessed and blissful for you.

  3. nilyncartagena says:

    Ugh! I can’t choose! lol. I like all of them! One of our neighbors gave me a cute desk calendar from Daiso and I made sure it’s right beside my pc so I can easily check what I need to do. I hope I become more organized this year.

  4. Teresa Dumadag says:

    Happy new year! I like the one with hanging moon and star. It’s like telling me to shoot for the stars. The other one I like is the one with colorful waves. It’s like telling me to make waves this 2017. 😉 Thank you for sharing these.

  5. Style With Tina says:

    Beautiful calendars! I love these – especially the first one! I’m a sucker for leaves, fall, and colors so this is a no-brainer! Thanks for compiling and finding cute ones!!!

    What’s your favorite?

  6. Maan Laxa says:

    Uy thank you so much for these! I’m a printable junkie and each time a new year rolls in, nonstop na ang galawan ng printer haha! I also have had my Pinterest tab open for weeks now, so you made my job a lot easier haha. Crushing on the watermelon calendar!

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