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10 Easy Tips to keep Your Room Clean


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Conducive living environment evokes respect from the visitors and also dwellers. Over time, room cleanliness is normally neglected and focus directed to other areas. Today we are taking a stand and saying enough is enough. We are no longer going to shy off from elaborating the importance of keeping the rooms tidy. Various reasons are attributed to disorganization that happens in the house.

Everyone understands the mess caused by little kids in the room. If the parents fail to take care of the house, it can taint the good image. Persistence is core to enhancing the orderliness in the room. However, one can still grab Gtech tools such as vacuum cleaners from Discount codes for the year 2017 are available, hence introducing amazing saving.


Feeling tired and overwhelmed? Is your house in a crazy mess? Here are some 10 simple tricks to keep your house organized. You do not require any special tool to perform the task.

Create Public and Private Spaces

Setting priorities on the way to organize your house is paramount. Imagine an entrance which is cluttered with all sort of things? Well, you now perceive the nuisance it brings into normal daily operations. It is important to design your house in such a way that the public room is less congested. The immediate room that receives guest sends a message to the public. When it is organized, it gives the whole house appearance of being clean. The rule is to decongest public rooms which have immediate accessibility.

Do simple things often

Simple things that are normally ignored contribute to untidiness in the room. Basic regular roles which are neglected significantly downgrade organization in the room. For example, dirty dishes should be placed in a dishwasher instead of filling the sink. Additionally, kitchen trash should be disposed at night to prevent lingering dirty smell. Instead of piling dirty clothes, it is essential to place them in a hamper before cleaning them.

Clear out “I might need this someday” item

This is a tendency which leads to accumulation of items in the room, therefore, causing disorganization. Getting rid of things you are not using instantly has a great help in organization. It is important to set a designated place where unusable items are stored. Anything whose usage is immediate should be placed in a place where it can be accessed with ease.

Set a Timer and Have the Whole Family Clean up

This sounds crazy. But guess what? Its implication is worth investing in. Engage your kids and spouse to assist in cleaning up the room. Actually, one can make a game out of it. More is achieved within a small span of time. Moreover, every member is assigned a particular area of attention which leads to a big payoff. It saves time and reduces fatigue.

The Floor should only have Furniture on It

Toys and newspapers should be removed from the floor. Placing them in a safe place is the best alternative. Having an open floor creates more space, airy and more appealing look. Clustered rooms are disgusting due to disturbances they create when moving around. One can easily oscillate from one point to another when the room is occupied by furniture in their designated places.

Keep out the Things You use daily

Only items that are needed on daily basis should be kept near. However, anything that takes long before being used should be eliminated from sight. For example, big appliances like slow cooker which is not often used should be put away. The move allows you to save on time when preparing to go to work.

Avoid Dirty Floors by Having Two Welcome Mats

Having one mat outside and one inside the entrance door helps to trap debris and dirt. The two increases the probability of trapping any dirt hence preventing the spreading to the entire room. The mat sends a message to the visitor that the room is clean. They depict an appearance of a clean room.

Make the Beds

Yes, it’s important to make the entire house look organized. The best place to start is from your bedroom. A well-made bed gives the eyes a good place to settle. It’s easy to tell whether someone has made his/her bed or not. The front rooms give a clear picture of the entire organization in the house.

Keep Your Bathroom Vanity Clear

All toiletries and make-ups should be stored in an appropriate manner. It is recommended to place them under the sinks where they can be accessed when needed. Irresponsible throwing of toiletries in the bathroom creates a disgusting experience. After a bath, you should clean the floor and dry any foam that would lead to foul smell in the house.

Placing Coaches in order

The arrangement of coaches on the sofa set can create an unappealing environment especially when kids decide to play with them. They get scattered everywhere. You should organize and wipe your sitting room to bring everything into sanity.The above ten tricks are beneficial when applied. You should strive to utilize a few of the pints discussed and you will never regret reading this information. They are that simple and functional.

The above ten tricks are beneficial when applied. You should strive to utilize a few of the points discussed and you will never regret reading this information. They are that simple and functional.

Published: 2017-09-05 16:02:01


  1. Berlin | Momi Berlin

    Great tips you have here. Before I gave birth and now that I have given birth, I seldom clean the house as I need to take care of my well-being as well as our baby. Now I find the house in real mess. I wish I have a wand to clean it instantly.

    06 . Sep . 2017
  2. TG Dee

    I agree that it helps to clean up daily by doing simple things like sweeping the floor or picking up things that were scattered on the floor. Also, we should be making our bed daily as we get up in the morning. I teach my small kids these things too. These are ways that teach them to be responsible even as young children. I hope they take on the habit until they grow old.

    06 . Sep . 2017

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