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5 Common Home Improvement Projects to Do During the Summer


The summer season is the perfect opportunity to get outside and make some improvements to your backyard, as well as work on enhancing the interior of your home through a variety of home improvement projects. These projects are sure to increase the value of your property both inside and out, so they’re definitely worth your time and investment. Keep reading to learn about five common home improvement projects to do this summer.

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Set Up an Outdoor Kitchen

What could be better than cooking up delicious meals with friends and family in your beautiful outdoor space throughout the summer? If you want to enhance your backyard and make it conducive to cooking a variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, consider building a fantastic outdoor kitchen, complete with barbecue, appliances, countertops, sink, and fire pit for burning high quality firewood from companies like the Premier Firewood Company.

Add a New Fence

Whether you want to create more privacy or upgrade an old and dated fence that’s already on your property, the summer is also a great time to put up some new fencing that you’ll love looking at. This is because the ground is soft in the summer, so you can easily dig and create a solid foundation for a wooden fence or a large white privacy fence.

Enhance or Build a Backyard Deck

A well-built deck that is functional and attractive is sure to add more value to your property, so this is definitely a good idea, whether you have an existing deck that needs to be updated and enhanced or you need to install a brand new one. If your home is in an area where rough weather is common throughout the year, consider utilizing composite materials that will help prevent fading and warping. And if you already have a deck, you should maintain it every summer by sealing it and making necessary repairs to keep it looking like new.

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Replace Your Storm Doors and Windows

Even though a lot of summer projects involve working in the great outdoors, you can also make improvements throughout the interior of your home. In addition to small projects, such as painting, you can make upgrades to your windows and storm doors. These new additions will provide energy efficiency and, therefore, help you save money when the weather gets cold again later in the year.

Pressure Wash Your House’s Exterior

Finally, you can take some time every summer to pressure wash the exterior of your house. This will help remove mildew, dirt, and debris that accumulated over the previous year, and a clean exterior will make the siding look like new again. You may need to hire professionals to help you with this project, especially if you have never pressure washed your home before, but it is a great home improvement project to schedule into your summer.

The right home improvement projects can help enhance the look and value of your home, and the summer is a perfect time to tackle a few of these projects.

Published: 2016-05-26 09:48:02

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