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5 Reasons Why Investing in an Inflatable Tub is a Good Idea


Want a hot tub, but you don’t want it to be fixed in one place? Consider an inflatable hot tub. In fact, there are a few great reasons to invest in one, as opposed to having a built-in tub installed. Below are 5 reasons why you should invest in an inflatable tub.


1. They are cheaper
No installation, no pipe work, no below ground plumbing, and many brands (or sizes) to compare when shopping. Affordability and selection allow you to find the best suited tub, and of course best prices when you purchase.

2. They are easy to maintain
From cleaning, to removing water, to fixing a patch or leak, the maintenance is virtually non-existent, and when required, is quite simple. Nearly anyone can figure it out.

3. They can be stored
With winter fast approaching you don’t want to deal with frozen water. So, with this, or other seasonal changes, or if you are hosting an outdoor party and need some space, you can deflate and store the hot tub. Not an option with a built in hot tub.

4. They come in various sizes
From 2 person, to 8 or 10 person — you have options. You can go with big or small depending on the yard size, family size, and the people who will be using it. You can utilise and fully enjoy the hot tub at any time, and only purchase what you need in terms of size.

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5. You can move them
Unlike a built in hot tub, an inflatable tub can be moved. Move it any place around your home. If you have friends over, have a party, or wish to store it when winter rolls around, simply deflate, let it dry out, remove excess water, and store it away. No hassle, and you can inflate it once again when ready for use.

If you’ve always wanted a hot tub (minus the hassle), consider the inflatable version for ease of use, maintenance, and optimal enjoyment year round.

Published: 2016-10-21 07:04:03

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