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5 Sexy Short Curly Hairstyles for Women in Fall of 2017


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This fall of 2017, we are excited to discover new hair trends for short curly hairstyles for women. Straight and sleek hair used to be very popular, but now, curly hairstyles are getting more attention. Curly hairstyles fit any face type and can make anyone who sports it look youthful. Many women are now more confident with their natural beauty and so as embracing naturally curly hair.

5 Sexy Short Curly Hairstyles for Women in Fall of 2017


Styling is not just for women with long hairs. Styling a short curly hairstyle is easy and fun and if you are just creative about it, you will find it that you can actually do a lot of hairstyles that will surely have people’s heads turning. Here are five sexy short curly hairstyles for women in fall of 2017.

1. Cute Short Curly Bob

One of the greatest hairstyles any women with naturally curly hair is the cute short curly bob. It is fun and easy to maintain without spending too much time styling it and using too many products. Even those with dry and frizzy curly hair can sport this hairstyle.

2. Curly Pixie Hairstyle

Styling one’s hair can sometimes be very time-consuming that is why a lot of women tend to disregard certain types of hairstyles. However, this shouldn’t be the case for a curly pixie hairstyle. This hairstyle is best for women who want to have a fun and carefree look but does not want to spend a lot of time styling. A curly pixie hair looks best on anyone with naturally curly hair. You won’t need as much curl cream or gel to maintain this look, but you do still have to take care of your hair every now and then.

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3. Voluminous Curly Bob

If you have an oval shaped face, styling your curly hair into a voluminous curly bob would be a great way to go. The volume of the curls will give an added interest and edge to one’s oval shaped face. Women with an oval-shaped face can almost sport any hairstyle but would look best with this type of curly hairstyle as it basically highlights their cheekbones.

4. Bold Curls

For someone who does not shy away with great volume, a bold curly hairstyle would be a great choice. This hairstyle is bold and would make any women who wear it will have a fierce look. This hairstyle does not need hard maintaining and only needs a few products to keep the curls from getting frizzy. A few touch-ups every now and then are recommended.

5. Curly Pomp

For women who have quite a bit of texture on their curly hair, a soft curly pomp hairstyle would bring out the best of their looks. It would look better to keep the curls fall over the top. It is a low maintenance type of hairstyle that would work wonderfully for someone who does not want to spend a lot of time styling. A few touch-ups of curly cream or gel and any women who would go for this look can easily head out the door.

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