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5 Tips to Choosing a Great Caterer for your Party in Vegas


Whether you are planning a party in a simple place like home or a grand one like in Vegas, choosing the right caterer is very crucial. No matter where you have it, you will want to host a perfect party. Hiring a caterer is an investment and naturally, you would want to have a return on that investment.

Here are some simple tips on choosing a great caterer for your party in Vegas.

5 Tips to Choosing a Great Caterer for your Party in Vegas

1. Know your guestsfood preferences

You may not be able to ask each and every one of the people you are inviting on what their food preferences are, but get an idea by knowing their age and lifestyle. For instance, determine how many of your friends are having a vegetarian lifestyle so you can know what food choices you need to choose for your party. Your caterer will offer you a lot of options and you might be overwhelmed if you have no idea beforehand on what to choose. Do this tip in order save yourself and the caterer some time.

2. Know what service you need

Most of the time, caterers offer full service but that would still depend on what you need. Since you are planning a party in Vegas, determine if you need other services than buffet such as full waiter service, cutlery, and table linens. If you have no idea, for now, ask several caterers that offer the service that you need. You may want to check out Matteo’s Gourmet Food Services. They offer great party catering service in Vegas.

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3. Sample food in advance

One way if choosing a great caterer for your party would be trying out the food samples they offer. Prior to hiring a caterer, ask them to show you their food samples so you will determine if they are the right caterer for you. This way, you can also check the quality of their food and their presentation.

4. Visit the caterers kitchens

One important step and tip that you must do is to make an appointment on visiting the catering services kitchens. This is to know if they value cleanliness and you can also see the professionalism of their staff. A good caterer values their work and prides themselves on their staff. A clean kitchen is a proof that they offer the best services.

5. Choose the caterer that offers the best service despite the cost

Oftentimes, people would advise you to choose the caterer who offers the most cost-effective package. This is a major concern because it is an important deciding factor in choosing your final caterer. However, do not compromise your party by choosing a caterer that offers affordable services but not what you really wanted to be. Holding a party in Vegas should be a grand celebration. Be clear about your budget prior to choosing a caterer, and then choose the one that offers the best service. Lastly, know if they have any additional fees before you sign a contract.

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