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6 Weeks Pregnant



I’m officially a second-time mom. Smarter and stronger this time.


After a week of waiting for my period, I started to consider buying a pregnancy test. No panic whatsoever. I’ve had a few “false alarm” situations before and panicking didn’t help. So in the wee hours of August 26, I collected my first pee of the day and found out that I’m definitely, totally, absolutely pregnant.



Blue Cross Pregnancy Kit



Yesterday, I confirmed my pregnancy through a Transvaginal Ultrasound (TVU). TVU is a type of pelvic ultrasound; a helpful tool in early pregnancy.  The fetus is 6 weeks old and I’ve seen its heart move already. Everything is normal and I’m thankful that there are no complications during my early pregnancy stage.

Women’s Ultrasound
Northridge Plaza 4th Floor
12 Congressional Ave., Quezon City
Transvaginal Ultrasound (PhP 800)


Transvaginal Ultrasound 6 weeks pregnant



I had to purchase pre-natal vitamins right away (Iberet-Folic-500). I haven’t informed my OB about my pregnancy yet and I still have to wait until we’ve completely moved out of our apartment. I’m on my 6th week, and according to, my baby is the size of a pea – a 1/4 inch cutie!

6 Weeks Pregnant - TheBump



Pregnancy apps are so handy. ‘My Pregnancy Today’ Android app by BabyCenter will be my companion for the next 8 months! It has a week-by-week guide to all the changes taking place inside my tummy.

  8 Weeks Pregnant


Baby Center Pregnancy App - Android

My pregnancy symptoms at 6 weeks:

  • Fatigue. I always feel that post-gym tiredness. During my first pregnancy, I had a hard time getting up in the morning.
  • Nausea. Morning sickness all day long.
  • Moody. I’m moody by nature so this time I’m MOODier and sometimes, MOODiest.
  • Tender Breasts. Prepping up for breastfeeding?
  • Tummy Gas. Stomach gas, stomach bloating.. hate it.
  • Food Cravings. Shawarma it is!
  • Constipation. I need food with loads of fiber.


Recommended Diet:

  • well-cooked eggs
  • yogurt
  • salmon
  • walnuts
  • beans
  • sweet potatoes
  • popcorn & other whole grains
  • dark green, leafy veggies
  • lean meats
  • fruits



They say that every pregnancy is a different journey. Yes, I fully intend to make this gift as special as the first. =)

Published: 2012-08-28 11:27:31


  1. reah

    lahat ng symptoms meron ako this week! Kaso wala eh negative. Nagfifeeling lang ako. Hihi. Congrts again!

    15 . Sep . 2012
    • Amethystine

      Try again Mommy Reah! Para may playmate na rin si Noah 🙂

      18 . Sep . 2012

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