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A Secret Affair Movie Review




Ray asked me to watch a movie out of the blue while we were at the mall last weekend. We would have chosen Skyfall but it was only available in IMAX. I get nauseated every time I watch movies in 3D so we went to see A Secret Affair instead, a love triangle film starring Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay, and Andi Eigenmann.
From start to finish, I felt like the movie was a deja vu of No Other Woman. It has a very different plot but I guess the presence of Anne and Derek ruined the impact for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love them both, but I want them taking up new, challenging roles other than being tangled in the same setup.
The acting was good, and both Anne and Andi nailed their parts well. I had to commend the latter because she made me want to slap her face. Some women should snap out of their desperation and realize their worth, and some women are born to do that for them.
Derek’s role is some kind of a blah. Well, what do you expect from a guilty, womanizing bachelor. These kind of movies show how weak men are. Let me try that again – how weak “cheating” men are. Bedding two (or more) women at the same time while in a relationship may project a “macho” image, but look inside and what’s left is a fragile, indecisive, stupid prick.
The best thing about this movie? Eye candies. I didn’t mind watching Derek Ramsay take off his shirt over and over again. 🙂 Anne and Andi? Both are undeniably gorgeous. Bonus: YouTube comedienne Petra Mahalimuyak is part of the cast too.



Published: 2012-11-03 13:57:50

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