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A Worry-Free Mommy’s Day Out, Thanks to PLDT Home


Mommy’s Day Out

PLDT Home treated us mommy bloggers to an afternoon of good food and worthwhile conversations last Wednesday at Stacy’s BGC. The highlight of the intimate event, Mommy’s Day Out, is parenting in the digital age.

Celebrity moms Isabel Oli and Denise Laurel were there as hosts, and they shared a story or two of how they’re enjoying their motherhood journey and at the same time coping with various parenting struggles. Bloggers and special guests (Camille Prats and Issa Litton also graced the event) also shared their own mommy stories, tips, routines, and asked questions in light of technology as a useful parenting channel.

I was able to introduce myself to other mommies (although I got really shy and nervous that I stuttered all the way throughout my short intro LOL) and I listened to them as well as they shared their thoughts about parenting and technology.

Parenting in the Digital Age

We were lucky to have Ms. Michele as a speaker during the event. Michele S. Alignay is a renowned psychologist, guidance counselor, lecturer and author and she shared a lot of valuable advice about the role and relevance of technology in managing the family and the home in this digital age.

We engaged in “chika” time as the topic coursed through popular parenting sites and apps; house rules for gadgets and the internet; favorite gadgets; parenting concerns and solutions, among others.


Ms. Michele mentioned about the role of parents being Digital Managers. Since our kids were born in the digital age (thus making them Digital Citizens) we are the ones who will help them cope with the advancing technology breakthroughs. As digital managers, we need to guide our children on how to deal with the advantages and disadvantages of technology.

She also gave us 10 Tips on How to Become Better Digital Managers:

  1. Help our children develop internal regulation, also known as internal discipline.
  2. Digital content that you allow your kids to view must be age appropriate.
  3. Train kids to be media literates.
  4. Balance digital time and unplug time. 
  5. Don’t allow them to get bored. Boredom means lack of creativity input.
  6. Co-engage. Develop a strong bond by spending time with your children while playing with gadgets.
  7. Choose quality content.
  8. Raise responsible digital citizens.
  9. Succeed in external regulation by utilizing a family/gadget plan.
  10. Family security is key.
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I believe that balance is key to just about everything. I allow my kids to use the iPad or the computer, but only for a limited time each day. Their gadget time is mostly a reward for them for doing their homework or finishing an indoor or outdoor activity. I know that being too strict about how they spend their digital time will only heighten their digital cravings, so yeah, I allow them but with accompanied restrictions. Monitoring their screen time is a duty I’ve most welcomed in my list of responsibilities ever since they started using gadgets and gizmos.

The Strongest Connections Are at Home

PLDT Home embraces parenting in the digital age and trumpets the notion that the strongest connections are at home. With that, we were able to know more about PLDT Home’s suite of products and services that are designed to help parents ensure the safety of their families.

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3 innovative products were highlighted in the experience zone during the event:

  • PLDT Home FAMCAM – reliable home monitoring system best experienced with powerful connection from PLDT Home Fibr
  • PLDT Home Smart Watch – coolest gadget for kids that lets them send and receive calls, listen to music, take groufies via remote, etc.
  • PLDT Home FamZone – FamZone is a top parental control device that helps monitor and control kids’ internet activities. Its features include time setting, sleep time, website restrictions, and customized profiles.

There’s also the all-new PLDT Home Telpad which lets you control your home devices via WiFi and Infrared: FAM CAM – your home’s family monitor, Home Theater System, HD TV, and Airconditioner.


With the FamCam, I can be able to check on my children wherever I am. Even though I’m a stay at home mom, I still can’t look after my children 100% of the time because I still have to wash the dishes, load the laundry, cook meals, and clean the house from top to bottom from time to time.

My toddler who has Autism requires direct supervision so the PLDT Fam Cam is a perfect tool to make sure that even if he’s playing in the other room, I can watch him on my mobile phone to make sure he’s safe. Useful, right? 🙂

The Smart Watch for kids is just as helpful because it’s multi-functional. Kids can take photos, play music, and even record voice messages. They can even wear it outdoors to prevent them from getting lost because once they run out of sight (or get kidnapped.. ‘wag naman sana!), you will be alerted through your phone.

Well the FamZone, which will be launched SOON, is pretty neat, too. You can set Wi-Fi schedules for your kids! Their access will be automatically enabled or disabled (wherever you are, yes!) using a mobile app. 🙂



On Pastels and Tea Parties

Stacy’s at BGC is such a darling place for a mommy’s day out. The shabby chic country-style interiors and tea party setup was every bit as charming as it is delightful. I enjoyed the ambiance, the food, and the company of supermoms.

I can definitely get used to having more worry-free days out because PLDT Home will help me monitor my kids’ activities even when I’m away drinking coffee with my gorgeous tita friends or having a movie date with the husband. 🙂

Grabbed a few photos from PLDT Home Facebook Page 🙂

Thank you so much PLDT Home and Nuffnang PH for such an inspiring intimate event. 🙂


To know more about these products, drop by the PLDT Home website. Get your FAMCAM for P499/month with your PLDT Home DSL or PLDT Home Fibr broadband! Learn more here:

Surprise your kid with a cool Smart Watch for only P199/month. Learn more here:

FamZone is coming out soon. FamZone Box will be available at P299/month. FamZone app will be available at P149.


Dislaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received compensation in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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