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Adidas TechFit Powerweb






By studying athletes’ muscles and how they move, the adidas Innovation Team (ait) has developed TechFit, a breakthrough that can be applied to almost any sport. Adidas TechFit is the revolutionary way that athletes train and perform. With improved speed, power, strength, and vertical, this new technology has been used in football, track, and swimming.


Compression & Powerweb

Compression is a widely used technology for improving athletic performance; in simplest terms, it involves wrapping muscles in tight-fitting fabric. The base material used in adidas TechFit with Powerweb is Lycra Power®, which offers industry-leading compression benefits. In addition, the ait group uses a combination of silhouettes and mesh inserts that allows for maximum range of motion, breathability and comfort.


Compression has a number of proven benefits including:

  • Enhanced proprioception and body awareness, which means better form and technique.
  • Reduced muscle vibration, which lessens the wasted energy that comes from muscles that wobble or shake during sport.
  • Improved muscle recovery, and less wear and tear during workouts.


Powerweb is a series of TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) bands which are pressed onto the base layer of TechFit apparel. There is no other technology like it. The bands are anchored at key points, such as around the waist or above the knees and are focused on key muscle groups (such up upper legs or shoulders). Working in unison with muscles, they function like springs.

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One of the first prototypes of the suit caused a big surprise in 2003, when sprinter Kim Collins became World Champion in the 100 meters in Paris. Since then, the technology materials and applications have been further refined, with the latest developments available at retail in 2007.



adidas techfit benefit

Testing Results and Benefits
So, besides the fantastic results of the athletes wearing it, how do we know that TechFit with Powerweb works? Science has shown it. In controlled laboratory tests, conducted together with the University of Calgary, an average 5.3 percent improvement in power output and 1.1 percent faster sprint time was measured over 30 meters. Even more impressive, the testers registered a 1.3 percent reduction in oxygen consumption while wearing TechFit with Powerweb – a clear indication that the onset of fatigue is delayed and that performance is enhanced.


If you’re a fitness buff or an aspiring athlete, you may want to check out some TechFit apparel from adidas.


adidas Techfit Powerweb

adidas Techfit Preparation



adidas TechFit for Basketball

Tank and Shorts (Php 2,995)

adidas Techfit - Basketball


Elbow and Calf Sleeves (Php 895)

adidas TechFit - elbow sleeve - calf sleeve


Seamless Arm Sleeves (Php 595)

adidas TechFit - Seamless Arm Sleeve

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