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Wooden Educational Toys by Kara Mia


My youngest is currently undergoing occupational and speech therapy (I will be saving the reason for this in another blog post). N needs more structured play (vs. free play) to learn early play skills such as sharing, taking turns, and interacting with other kids. Structured play will also give him clear guidelines about what to do, how to do, and when to start and stop.

I was able to observe a few of my son’s therapy sessions. His therapist/teacher uses a variety of learning and educational toys. We have flash cards, puzzles and the likes at home but not wooden toys. In short, naiinggit ako! Kidding aside, I just want to follow-up the activities at home.

I’m glad to have found Kara Mia, an online shop selling wooden educational toys and other kiddie goods. Prices are lower compared to mall prices. I messaged them in FB and ordered these affordable educational toys.

Kara Mia Online Shop for Kids

This Geometric Blocks toy teaches shape and color recognition. It also improves sorting and fine motor skills. There are no sharp edges and the colors are vivid.

Size and Shape Sorting Board Wooden Toys
Geometric Blocks Toy Board (PhP 280)

The Geometric Intelligence Board helps my son identify shapes, colors, and simple mathematical logic knowledge. It also improves hand-eye coordination. N finds this activity the hardest to finish.

Geometric Intelligence Board Philippines
Geometric Intelligence Board (PhP 240)

I bought my eldest the same kind of toy before, but some of the pieces are now missing. This Shape Puzzle Board has smooth edges and the details are flawless.

  Ramen Nagi: The Black King
Shape Puzzle Board
Shape Puzzle Board (PhP 100)

We’re now doing simple play activities at home using his new toys. The therapist told me to let N finish what he started so I’m really strict with him getting towards his goal.

Wooden Educational Toys

I also added an Animal Finger Puppet set for Z, my eldest. I remember him being obsessed with Finger Family songs on YouTube a few months ago. The puppets are made from foam, and they’re perfect for pretend play.

Foam Finger Puppets Philippines
Animal Finger Puppets (PhP 150)

I’m happy that I don’t need to break the bank to get quality educational toys for my kids. Do check out Kara Mia for educational toys, books, study tables, playtents, chalkboards, room decors, and more kiddie goodies. 🙂

Foam Finger Puppets - Animals


Kara Mia

Published: 2015-09-09 20:27:25


  1. Gilian

    I love wooden toys better than plastic ones. The prices here are also more affordable. 🙂

    25 . Sep . 2015
  2. Meikah Ybañez-Delid

    These are good educational toys! I remember I bought toys like this before too but they were expensive. Good they are available in more popular prices now. 🙂

    25 . Sep . 2015
  3. Nicole

    Thanks for sharing this! Most wooden toys I’ve seen are quite expensive but these are very affordable. I almost bought a single set worth P700!!!!! Good thing I didn’t.. I’ll check out their FB! Thanks again!

    26 . Sep . 2015
  4. phoebe hernandez

    I love your toys!! Theyre cool, affordable, and cheap! Im gonna check out where you ordered them too. 🙂

    27 . Sep . 2015
  5. Kaity

    Thanks for sharing this, Mommy!(: I’m actually looking for wooden toys too!

    28 . Sep . 2015
  6. Arge

    Wooden toys are really great for little kids since they usually drop or throw toys on the floor. My son also has the same set of finger puppets. He enjoys playing and learning with those puppets 🙂

    28 . Sep . 2015

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