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Anti-Rabies Vaccines at Topmed Animal Bite Center QC


My son was scratched by a stray cat a few weeks ago. Zaiel’s pedia instructed me that he should be given an anti-rabies vaccine within 24 hours after the scratch. I took my son to Topmed Diagnostics and Animal Bite Center and the cost per vaccine is PhP 550.

My 4-year old preschooler seeks adventure everywhere he goes. He’s also fond of furry animals just like his daddy. One Wednesday morning while I was busy completing a blog post for a client, I heard him cry then I eventually learned about how he got scratched by Timmy (Timmy for “itim“), the stray black cat. It was just a minor scratch, like a small cut, but it was bleeding.

I searched the web for affordable hospitals and clinics that administer free or affordable anti-rabies vaccines. My options were San Lazaro Hospital and Philippine General Hospital (PGH). Both hospitals offer low-cost vaccines (around PhP 500) compared to some private hospitals (PhP 2,000)

My Tito Ely then mentioned that Quezon City Hall offers free anti-rabies vaccines so I’ve decided to go there instead. After finally arriving at the Health Department, we were told that the vaccines were out of stock. Fortunately, a lady vendor outside the City Hall pointed us to a clinic across the Quezon City Health Department.

Topmed Animal Bite Center

Topmed Diagnostics and Animal Bite Center is situated along Kalayaan Ave., beside Generika Drugstore and Fersal Inn Hotel. Generika Drugstore and Topmed actually share the same unit so it’s a drugstore, a Diagnostics Lab (pre-employment and annual medical exams), and an animal bite center in one.

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Zaiel was checked up first then he was given the vaccine. The doctor will determine whether a patient is for Intradermal regimen (PhP 550) or Intramuscular regimen (PhP 1,500). The intradermal option is similar to a skin test. One vaccine is equal to 2 shots – one on the left arm and the other on the right.

We were given a booklet for my son’s vaccination record.

Anti Rabies Vaccine Quezon City

He completed his 4 shots last May 28. He will only need boosters in the future.

Free Anti Rabies Vaccine in Quezon City

What to do When your Child Gets Bitten or Scratched:

  • Wash the affected area with soap and water for 10 minutes. Don’t squeeze [the blood out of] the wound.
  • Take him to an animal bite center to get his anti-rabies shots.
  • Complete the required number of vaccines.
  • Follow-up with your doctor (for boosters).


Ask your doctor for pre-exposure vaccinations for your children, and make sure your pets are vaccinated.

Anti Rabies Vaccine Cost Philippines


Topmed Diagnostics and Animal Bite Center
132 Kalayaan Ave. Barangay Central Quezon City

Published: 2014-05-30 08:32:07


  1. A-Plus IS

    Hi Mommy Shalene,

    Thank you for sharing this article with tips in case our child gets scratched or bitten. I’m just curious mommy, can a cat scratch cause rabbis to get in also? We have two cats at home though they both get their scheduled anti rabbis vaccines but of course I still need to extra careful since my 3 year old daughter plays with our cats at times.

    24 . Jun . 2014
    • Shalene Rivera

      Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! I was told that cats are fond of licking their claws (transfer of saliva from the mouth to the claws). For my peace of mind na rin yung vaccine for my child. 🙂

      29 . Jun . 2014
      • leollanita

        Thank very much im a really scared but thanks to this information i feel relieved,
        again thank you god bless

        29 . Oct . 2014
        • Shalene Rivera

          No problem, thanks for the visit!

          03 . Mar . 2015
  2. Jeron

    Thanks for the info! I need to go to an animal bite center. San lazaro is just too far, too expensive in hospitals

    11 . Feb . 2015
    • Shalene Rivera

      You’re welcome! Thanks for the visit. 🙂

      03 . Mar . 2015
  3. Camille

    How much po lahat ng nagastos nyo?

    19 . Feb . 2015
    • Shalene Rivera

      PhP 2,200 🙂

      03 . Mar . 2015
  4. cj

    Hello..bitten today but clinics are closed and hospitals are too expensive..can i wait til tomorrow? Its easter sunday today…

    05 . Apr . 2015
    • Amethystine

      I was told not to wait for 24 hours. ASAP dapat, lalo na when the bite is near the head.

      12 . Jun . 2017
  5. James

    Thank you so much for the info Mam.

    11 . Jan . 2016
    • Amethystine

      You’re welcome. Glad to help 🙂

      12 . Jun . 2017
  6. celestina langcay

    hi ask ko lang po if mgkano po ang nagagastos kapag nsa category 111 ka ng kagat ng aso,,multilpe bite po left en rigth hand po.after po maunjectionan ng anti rabbies ang aso nun po xa nangagat..sana po masagot nyo po ang aking katanungan thank u so much po

    01 . Feb . 2016
    • Amethystine

      Hi! I have no experience yet sa dog bites, but I think ganun din (check my blog post above for rates) mas marami lang sigurong tests and topical medications.

      12 . Jun . 2017
  7. Jas

    M so glad I came accross your website. We were about to go to san lazaro..kudos to you

    24 . Feb . 2016
    • Amethystine

      You’re welcome Jas! 🙂

      12 . Jun . 2017
  8. Michelle Ulep

    Nakagat ako ng aso sa bandang panga.Pero naturukan naman yung aso ng anti rabies every 6 months.Ligtas na po ba ako?

    18 . Jul . 2016
    • Amethystine

      Get the shots na rin para safe po. Take care!

      12 . Jun . 2017
  9. Fem

    Hi, what time po yung operating hours ng clinic nyo?Topmed?how much yung anti rabies vaccine?Please reply. thanks

    13 . Sep . 2016
    • Amethystine

      Their clinic is open from 8AM to 5PM 🙂

      16 . Nov . 2016
  10. Jann Urbano

    Hi i got a minor bite from my dog it looks like a scratch also it ia not deep.
    Should i be worried?

    21 . May . 2017
    • Amethystine

      If the dog has vaccinations, medyo safe ka. But to be 100% sure, ask your doctor. I think you still need to get your shots.

      12 . Jun . 2017

Thanks for dropping by!

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