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Arafu Cafe: Enjoying Japanese Home-Cooked Meals


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It was one of our family eat-out days. My husband and I love Japanese food so we checked out yet another new Japanese resto — Arafu Cafe.

Being a ramen freak slash noodle geek, I ordered Arafu Ramen (with Teriyaki Chicken). The serving size is quite small, and I was also disappointed that my ramen was served a bit cold. The soup base is dashi (Japanese sea stock), topped with nori, kamaboko, chopped spring onion, and chicken. The chicken chunks are tasty, though.

Arafu Cafe - Arafu Ramen
Arafu Ramen (PhP 238)

Yaki Udon was hubby’s choice of meal. It was cooked traditional style — fried udon with squid, pork, fried egg, onion, katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes), and kizami shoga (pickled ginger). One word: Delicious!

Arafu Cafe SM North EDSA Yaki Udon
Yaki Udon (PhP 270)

Because I love everything green tea, I ordered their Homemade Green Tea Ice Cream. It was the best part of our dining experience at Arafu Cafe. Served with red bean paste and whipped cream, the ice cream has an authentic matcha flavor. Two thumbs up!

Arafu Cafe Homemade Green Tea Ice Cream
Homemade Green Tea Ice Cream (PhP 140)

They offered Z his own bowl and set of kiddie utensils. This resto’s definitely kid-friendly.

Arafu Cafe Review

We were given Japanese candies for free after our meal. Their staff is such a friendly bunch.

Arafu Cafe Japanese Candies

Oh, and did I mention that their chopsticks looked oh so cute?

Arafu Cafe Chopsticks

Spending weekends with these boys for the past 5 years is a blessing. I used to have my [cheap] dining escapades alone (before when I was eons younger haha), but now it would feel weird to dine out without them.

Arafu Cafe
Third Floor, Main Building, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City

Published: 2015-01-28 14:00:02

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