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Aspiring Young Models at the 2015 Total Girl Model Academy


The popular lifestyle magazine for tween girls, Total Girl Philippines, successfully staged the 2015 Total Girl Model Academy on April 19, 2015 at the Glorietta Activity Center, Palm Drive, where aspiring young models, ages 8 to 13, went through a series of workshops before the go-see finale.

From 153 young hopefuls, the editorial team of Total Girl will choose 10 winners to be featured in Total Girl’s September 2015 Fashion and Beauty issue. Aside from being featured, the winners will also get special prizes from the sponsors. Though the winners were not yet announced on the event itself, they will be contacted by the Total Girl team in the following days.

I was invited to feature the event so I brought with me my 8-year old sister. I also registered her because I believe that she will learn valuable modeling and styling tips from the workshop. She’s naturally shy but she did her best during the go-see, so we were all proud of her! 🙂

She wore a bright blue summer dress (summer’s the theme of the event) and a pair of red ballet shoes. We didn’t prepare for the competition so we didn’t know what to expect. It was also her first time to attend a modeling workshop and a go-see.

At the entrance, I submitted her registration form and her 1×1 picture. Then she received a passport which guided her through the different stages. Each stage was led by professional mentors who helped her hone her styling and modeling skills.

Claire’s Philippines is a sponsor of the event. It’s my favorite It’s every girl’s favorite place to get the latest trends in fashion accessories. Their booth during the event was crammed full of hair accessories, fashion jewelry, cellphone cases, bags and purses, notebooks, and more. It’s really fun being a girl! 🙂

Styling Studio

The first stage was the styling studio where they discovered their own style, with the help of Raizel Dy, a fashion stylist and make-up artist who worked in some of the country’s fashion magazines.

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Catwalk Class

At the second stage, they proceeded to the catwalk class where they flaunted their styles through ramp modeling, proper posture, and personality coaching with Ning Corteza, an instructor of runway modelling, imaging, and visual posing.

Camera Posing Workshop

With everything ready, during the third stage, they learned basic camera posing where they found their best angle with the help of Photography Coach Heidi Aquende, a commercial and editorial photographer.

Total Girl Academy 2015 Posing Workshop

Photo Booth and Comp Cards

The fourth stage gave them a chance to practice what they learned from the previous stages. The photo booth produced “comp cards,” otherwise known as model’s set cards, for participants to take home as souvenirs.

The Go-See

The last stage is the final test: the go-see. Here they applied everything that they’ve learned from the entire workshop, in front of a panel of judges. My sister mentioned her name, age, and personal style in front of the audience. Guess her personal style — sweet and effortless!

Total Girl Philippines

My sister left a sketch of the Flame Princess on TGMA2015’s wall to express her thanks. 🙂

We took home a gift from Claire’s! I kept the faux nails then I gave the rest to my sister. I also received a Laneige gift certificate. 🙂 Thank you Total Girl & Claire’s!

Claire's PH accessories

Total Girl Model Academy is a great opportunity to empower young girls to live their best tween lives ever – being confident, cool, and fun! This is definitely one memorable summer experience for all who joined as they learned stylish ideas that would help them shine bright.

Total Girl is available on newsstands and in bookstores, convenience stores, and supermarkets nationwide. A digital edition is available for download through Apple Newsstand, Buqo, and Zinio.


Total Girl Philippines

Claire’s PH

Published: 2015-04-20 16:43:45


  1. Jackie Park

    How fun! I have a 1-year-old and I’m really enjoying that she’s still so small, but seeing so many events catering to older kids (like this one) makes me wish she were older na, haha. What a cool experience for your sister!

    23 . Apr . 2015
    • Amethystine

      Yes, ang daming cool activities for little girls! 🙂

      25 . Apr . 2015
  2. Vance Madrid (@purpleplumfairy)

    I wish i were still young so i can join these kind of activities. Awww…it feels so good to be young!

    24 . Apr . 2015
    • Amethystine

      We all wish we could go back to our younger selves! Haha

      25 . Apr . 2015
  3. Katrina Chua Alcantara

    This event is so nice naman! 🙂 Just like Jackie i have a baby din, and makes me wish she’s older too. hihi!

    25 . Apr . 2015
    • Amethystine

      I don’t have a daughter :s Pero buti na lang a have a little sister 🙂

      25 . Apr . 2015
  4. Michelle Martinez邱碧玉 (@xoxoMrsMartinez)

    I hope your sister can earn a spot in that contest. I will definitely enter my daughter when she is old enough to join. Such a fun event!


    25 . Apr . 2015
    • Amethystine

      Thank you! My sister was so happy she was able to experience a go-see! 🙂

      25 . Apr . 2015
  5. Rose Angelie

    It’s great to see how a naturally shy girl looks so confident in this event. I love watching fashion shows like this, especially for young girls.. it really makes me look forward to the day my little girl would be their age. 🙂

    25 . Apr . 2015
    • Amethystine

      She got nervous on the stage haha. Thanks for the visit! 🙂

      25 . Apr . 2015
  6. katjrod

    Looks like a fun event. Your sister is so beautiful.

    26 . Apr . 2015
  7. nicareyes

    This event is so cool! And your sister looks really sweet! 🙂

    Wish we had this when we’re younger. Hehe. But oh well, hoping someday I can bring my (if ever I’ll be blessed by one) little girl to this kind of event. Thank you Total Girl!

    27 . Apr . 2015
  8. Mommy Anna

    It looks fun 🙂 how I wish I have a daughter can enjoy these activities

    27 . Apr . 2015
  9. tweenselmom

    What a great event. I wished to bring my daughters there kaso ang layo e 🙁

    30 . Apr . 2015

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