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Athena Milk with Beautrition


Drinking milk has been part of my daily routine. When I was a child, Mom will always remind me that I should drink at least a glass of milk everyday to help keep my bones and teeth healthy. And up until now, mom still finds time to buy packs of fresh milk for us three (me, my brother, and my little sister.)
Athena Milk
I believe that real beauty radiates from within, literally. In short, eating healthy and staying fit through exercise are surefire ways to help you look and feel more beautiful.
Athena Milk for Women is nutritionally-balanced. It contains all the important nutrients our body needs. If you think you’re not getting enough nutrients from the food you eat, take supplements and drink milk.

  • Strong bones. High in calcium, and a great source of vitamins D and K, Magnesium, and Phosphorus. You are less susceptible to broken bones.
  • Trim body. Athena is low in fat. You won’t even have to worry about weight gain.
  • Healthy and Glowing Skin. Contains vitamins A & E plus Zinc to help maintain healthy skin. Drink one glass in the morning and another before bedtime. Antioxidants regenerates your skin cells while you sleep, delaying skin aging. Wounds also heal faster thus minimizing scars.


My Athena Milk Chocolate samples. 🙂

 Athena Milk Choco


Published: 2012-10-15 11:25:02


  1. Hannah

    hi! is it okay to let a 16 year old girl drink this? Cause i was thinking of recommending this to my niece.

    06 . Nov . 2012
    • Amethystine

      Hi! yes, I think so. But to make sure, ask her doctor/pedia about it first.

      07 . Nov . 2012
  2. vanessa

    hi. is it safe for a 20 year old to drink this? tsaka ilan days sya mauubos? kelangan ba talaga sya inumin twice a day? or once a day pwede na? 🙂

    08 . Dec . 2012
    • Amethystine

      Hi! I think so because it’s only a supplement. Ask your doctor about it.

      10 . Dec . 2012

Thanks for dropping by!

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