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Location-tracking apps aka “check-in” apps are widely popular today, and it seems almost a necessity to let your friends know where you’re at. Broadcasting one’s whereabouts has
just been more than just a habit, but a social statement. With that in mind, where you are matters — where you dine, where you shop, where you unwind.. Let them know that you’re @Il Terrazzo!

Il Terrazzo Tomas Morato

Il Terrazzo is located at the heart of Tomas Morato. It is the home to a variety of restaurants, fitness & beauty centers, supermarket, specialty shops, and an events place. Indeed, it is the only complete lifestyle hub that merges the recreational mall atmosphere with the bustling nightlife entertainment scene unique to Tomas Morato. Il Terrazzo is indeed the hippest cosmopolitan center for all your lifestyle impulses.
Craving for sushi? Dine at Omakase. Perhaps something for your sweet tooth? Indulge at Gong Cha or Banapple. Yearning for some meditation? Exercise your mind and body at Beyond Yoga. Call for a beauty makeover? Pamper yourself at Sexy Solutions or The Lash Bar. Need your techie fix? Splurge at the Digital Hub or Technovox. Thirsty for your favorite cocktail or beer? Unwind at Jack’s Loft. Does your pantry need restocking? Shop groceries at Rustan’s Supermarket. In need of an events place? Book The Ariato Function Center.
Il Terrazzo is located at 305 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Scout Madriñan St., Quezon City, Philippines. For inquiries,
call (02) 374 8378.

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