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The Benefits of Using Embroidered Patches


Embroidered patches are quite underrated in terms of marketing strategies and although they are effective in sending the message across, the market is still to catch up on its trend. Patches are also used for the military, emergency services and even as an emblem of adventure groups.

These patches can be heat-sealed or can be sewn on garments. Some patches are made and designed for industrial laundering. All the patches can be either made permanent or temporary on a garment as intended. It is fashionable to have the patches removable so that they can be changed after a period of time, and the garments can be reused too.

The Benefits of Using Embroidered Patches

The embroidered patches come in multiple shapes and sizes and one can save nearly 30% on costs of direct embroidery with a great opportunity to get any design sewn without having to purchase a fresh garment for the same. The patches are also durable in several active environments especially industrial settings, healthcare organizations and the hospitality sector.

Why Embroidered Patches?


One of the first benefits of embroidered patches is its customization factor and originality. With such a personalized item, one can promote a brand or service effectively. The originality makes it businesses enforcing the company logo among a target audience or those who choose to purchase the iron on patch. As a unique, original item, it is a feature to begin conversations with clients; as well as building rapport with the individuals.


Company logos or brands are printed as patches on t-shirts and books; and iron-on patches durability. The custom patch is easy to apply to different garments and, once it has been placed, one can remove the patches when not required. For permanent patches, the durability is outstanding even after repeated washing. Also, this feature helps in money-savings as there is no need to re-print any branded item on a regular basis.

Positive Impression

With well-ironed or embroidered patches, one can make a strong first impression and hence the use of custom logos will matter for company employees who are keen to make good impressions on any of their clientele. The attractively embroidered patches on uniforms look professional with consistency and also create a strong perspective of company professionalism.

Increased Morale

Company uniforms with uniform patches are not always encouraged or met with enthusiasm. But with custom patches, one can expect a huge boost in morale and a validation of the value put on the staff. Also, the patches give a good first impression for employees in promoting the company to any of their clients.

Security Measures

One of the primary concerns is security for most enterprises. There would be several security cameras, emergency exits, and even on-duty security guards at different locations. Customized iron on patches or embroidered patches can work as placeholders and identity holders of individuals wearing the same clothing. Any individual not wearing a patch on their uniform can be distinguished as a security measure too.

Flexibility Of Use

The custom iron on patches and embroidered patches are flexible in terms of their place of application with several excellent options available on its location. One can apply these patches on jackets and t-shirts and even on any bag or accessory.


In terms of costs, custom patches are quite cheap compared to fresh clothes as uniforms. For any custom patch, one can choose and define any attire to which this custom patch can be used. Hence the costs involved are cheaper than finalizing a new uniform based on the brand logo.


Custom embroidered patches are also extremely versatile as they can be applied to bags, purses, clothes, etc. Their versatility makes them immensely popular in varied avatars.


The embroidered patches can be attached and detached at will. They are used as collectibles when they are not attached so that they function as a standalone emblem of participating in a cause, brand, project or company.


Embroidered patches are stylish in more ways than one. One can apply them as required with multiple patterns and designs.

Custom embroidered patches are affordable and also strong identity markers in different scenarios. One can leverage its benefits especially flexibility and relevance in different situations.

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Published: 2017-10-31 15:51:06

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