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Bitcoin Affiliate Program by ALFACashier


Almost everything is virtual nowadays, including shopping. If you’re one of those tech-savvy moms who loves to shop online because it’s fast and convenient, you might want to check out ALFAcashier, a popular currency exchange service launched in 2012. It supports both conventional and emerging cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins and litecoins.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to be created. With ALFACashier, bitcoin exchange has become more effortless.

Why use bitcoin? It’s fast unlike when you pay in cheques or use wire transfers. Fees are also minimal, or in some cases, free. Moreover, information from credit cards may be stolen, but paying with bitcoins is more secure because you only need to enter a public key and a private key.

You may use bitcoins for your online payments. Major online shops have bitcoins as a payment option. In fact I just bought a voucher yesterday from a group buying website and Bitcoin is one of their payment options.

Bitcoin affiliate program by ALFAcashier allows its members to earn 5% to 20% income from referrals. You just need to register for free at their website, get your personalized affiliate link or unique code, and grab some banners to show off on your blog. If you’ve invited customers to their site and they’ve made exchanges, money will be funded to your affiliate account.

ALFACashier affiliate program allows VIP members to earn as much as 20% of all referred currency conversions.

An affiliate program is one of the easiest way to earn money online. It’s quick money from referrals, especially if your blog or website has already gained a lot of fans or followers. It’s also recommended that you get affiliates related to your website’s niche so your visitors is most likely to get interested on a specific affiliate ad.

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