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Bo’s Coffee 2012 Planner





The Coffee Book

Bo's Coffee 2012 Planner

Bo’s Coffee introduces its new 2012 planner – The Coffee Book! Better, bolder, and simply beautiful.
For its 15th year, Bo’s Coffee dove into something different and special. Leaving the original doodle concept behind, they’ve come up with a better idea – a planner that encourages people to slow down and look at life in a different way.
I received my planner the other day. I love the color scheme and the coffee inspired, laid back design. It has a “This Day” feature, a suggestion page of activities every month to challenge yourself to do something new.

Bo's Coffee - The Coffee Book

The planner also includes postcards. Due to our fast-paced lifestyle, we forgot about writing letters and sending out postcards to loved ones. Everything nowadays is electronic and there’s no doubt that it makes our lives easier, but once in a while, it won’t hurt to glance back and do it the old school way.
You won’t totally miss the doodle book from last year. There’s a doodle area in The Coffee Book too. Go on and take a peek! 🙂

Ask for a Coffee Card at any Bo’s Coffee branch and start collecting 10 stickers. You’ll get one sticker for every P250 purchase. One more thing, I suggest you try one of Bo’s holiday drinks. I’m soo in love with the Mint Freeze right now.

  Icebergs Restaurant

Bo's Coffee - Holiday Beverage

Published: 2011-12-07 18:39:53

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