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BuriBox: A Subscription Box for Young Filipino Learners


BuriBox is a monthly subscription box especially made for young Filipino learners. For just PhP 799 per month, it brings to your home books, activities, and art materials designed to develop the literacy, critical thinking, creativity, socio-emotional make-up, and gross and fine motor skills of your child. As mentioned, it is designed for Filipino children, so most of the materials are bilingual and all refer to our rich Filipino culture. 

Buribox by Adarna House
Toddler BuriBox

Toddler BuriBox and Young Reader BuriBox

There are 2 boxes to choose from — Toddler BuriBox and Young Reader BuriBox. The toddler box is designed for children ages 1-3, which focuses on play and discovery. They include board books that are suitable for toddlers.

The Young Reader Buribox, on the other hand, reflects the larger world of kids ages 6-8, with themes that go beyond those of the Toddler BuriBox — I Am Me, My Home, My School, My Community, Animals Around Me, Plants Around Me, My Country, and The Earth is My Home.


Buribox Subscription Box for Filipino Children
Young Reader BuriBox

I was able to get a Buribox for free, thanks to one mommy blogger from MBP. I ordered a Young Reader Buribox for my eldest. I was surprised that our first box was jam-packed with books, worksheets, and art materials. 🙂

For BuriBox, it is important that children learn actively; hands-on experience is invaluable; and parents, caregivers, siblings, and peers play an important role in a child’s development. The Young Reader BuriBox also helps children move progressively toward stronger understanding and greater independence as learners.

The Books

Book 1: Reading starts with learning the alphabet. Alpabetong Filipino is a child’s first book on the Filipino alphabet featuring sample words per letter. At 6, Z is already a fast reader so I’m reserving this book for my youngest son. N has speech delay so introducing this book to him (then backed up with phonics) will help him with learning letters and basic words. The accompanying worksheet, “Letter Dice”,  helps support the process of vocabulary building.


Book 2: Ang Mabait na Kalabaw is a book about a carabao who’s a good role model. He does good things, gets along well with his fellow carabaos, and loves truth, kindness, and beauty. In reading the story, my child learned how to appreciate the importance of showing kindness to others. After reading the story, Z proceeded with the coloring activity. It helps improve hand and eye coordination, self-expression, focus, and color and shape recognition.

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Book 3: Si Putot is about the celebration of uniqueness of creatures. It stresses that differences are to be accepted and can in fact be seen as strengths. Z wears eyeglasses so I made him realize that being different doesn’t make him an outcast, but in fact an opportunity to stand out. He then enjoyed the missing tails activity which helped him develop critical thinking skills and learn how to pay attention to details.


Book 4: Mario’s Special Day is about Mario who’s excited to go to the zoo. While preparing for the trip, he sees various animals popping up all over their house. The story highlights the imagination and I asked him to draw a picture of his own special day. He also practiced his fine motor skills used in cutting and folding with the activities on foldable animals and stick puppets.


Book 5: Si Ching na Takot sa Dilim, which won a 2000 Gintong Aklat Award as Best Children’s Book, is a unique book about Ching, a girl who believes that monsters and scary creatures appear in the dark. At first my son didn’t want to read it because it looked scary, but I explained to him that the monsters aren’t real and Ching is just gifted with a wide and active imagination.


A Glitter Name activity is also included as a way of explaining to my child how unique and special he is. The storybooks show how differences are to be appreciated and respected, and uniqueness be accepted and celebrated. Understanding that these differences exist makes my child more accepting of himself and others.

Buribox for Children
Kuya Z working on the Letter Dice activity

Every BuriBox creates a great educational journey for kids. It doesn’t only make my child a successful learner, but it also makes an excellent tool to cultivate a meaningful parent-child relationship and create a stronger family bond.

What an awesome subscription box for kids! Check out to learn more about their subscription boxes. Happy learning! 🙂

Buribox Book Subscription for Kids

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