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Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Quadcopter


Remote control helicopters and quadcopters (or drones) are becoming more popular with the kids these days. One time my son asked me if we could shell out a few bucks for a quadcopter and my usual reply would be, “Do good in school. Maybe you’ll get one.”

As a millennial mom, it has become a hobby of mine to check and research about an item on the Internet before making a purchase. And as of writing, I’m still on the search for the best quadcopters online.


An RC helicopter has been in toy stores for years but I think a quadcopter is a much better choice for kids. For those who don’t know what a quadcopter is, it’s a helicopter, a rotorcraft which uses 4 rotors to be able to lift in the air (Source: And here’s what I’ve learned about it:

  • For kids, buy a small-sized quadcopter. If it’s smaller and lighter, they’re less likely to break and less likely to damage anything. In short, mini quadcopters are safer to use by children and beginners.
  • Kids playing quadcopters need adult supervision, especially if they’re beginners or you’re just starting to introduce toy drones to them. When quadcopters crash and come in contact with your skin, it may cause stings. So make sure you’re there when your kids are playing or better yet, find a quadcopter with a crash-ready design.
  • Most quadcopters come with a camera feature. Take photos and record videos. Aerial shots ftw!
  • Take note of the flight mode: indoor, outdoor, or both. Most mini quadcopters are for indoor use only but you can find a mini that can be used both indoors and outdoors, like the Syma X1.
  • Drone quality depends on the price but there are some inexpensive good quality drones in the market. Do your research well to find the best quadcopter to suit your needs.
  • Modern quadcopters are controlled through smartphones via apps while more traditional quadcopters use typical radio controllers.
  • Some other cool features include 360 flips, 3D maneuvers, pre-programmed acrobatic moves, modular designs, LED lights, waterproof, long battery life and flight time.
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Quadcopters are one of the hottest toys right now and they’ll make great gifts for the holidays. Well, if they can get your kids to leave their iPads and play outdoors, why not? Right? 🙂

I haven’t made up my mind yet if I’m going to give it a go, but I’m definitely keeping an eye on the latest quadcopter news and updates.


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Published: 2017-08-05 19:19:36

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