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Canon PIXMA G2000 All-In-One Printer Review – Philippines



Mother’s Day last year the hubby gifted me a Canon PIXMA G2000 All-In-One Printer. He’s never the “flowers, clothes, bags, and expensive jewelry” kinda guy. His way of showing ‘sweetness’ is in the form of an iPod, mobile phones, a 3DS game, a wrist watch, a digital camera, an Instax camera, and now, a printer. Although I prefer a romantic gesture, sa lagay na ‘to magiging choosy pa ba ako? πŸ™‚ And no he’s not a spoiler. I know one when I meet one. 

A printer as his gift of choice is not surprising at all, but it still came as a surprise because I thought we were just going to dine out as a family and I never asked him to buy me a printer (honestly I never ask him to buy personal things for me, in short it’s what you call ‘pride’. Except for some little stuff like ballpens kapag napapadaan sa bookstores or kitchen tools sa Daiso.)

Canon PIXMA G2000 Inkjet Printer Review Philippines

He brought me to PC Express, sobrang casual nga eh kasi sabi lang niya, “Bili tayo ng printer mo….” Siyempre nag-tumbling ang inner goddess ko! Nvm the FSOG reference, it’s ridiculous, I know. πŸ™‚ 

We asked for a printer that’s ink efficient and a salesman showed us a Canon PIXMA G2000 All-In-One Printer. We got it for PhP 8,000, with full ink tanks and FREE 2 black ink bottles + warranty. In fairness, kinilig ako sa printer. UNLI stickers for me yay! πŸ™‚

Print, Scan, and Copy

Canon PIXMA G2000 All-In-One Printer is Canon’s first refillable ink tank all-in-one printer. It is designed for high volume printing at low running cost. I can print, scan, and copy.. no need to go to xerox/photocopy services near my place. πŸ™‚ It also prints a 4″x6″ borderless photo in 60 seconds.

Print quality is excellent for home and office use. I also print invitations and they look great.

I wish the scanner could have been longer though, most legal documents are 8.5 x 13 inches kasi, and when I scan na-cucut yung dulo. Other than that I don’t have any problems with this printer. 

It doesn’t have a touchscreen or a wifi (I haven’t tried even if it has one LOL, sorry Tita of Manila lang!) but it suits my printing needs so I’m satisfied with it. It could have been better if it’s wireless, but it’s not lightweight so okay na rin na hindi.

Canon PIXMA G2000 Features:

  • High Page Yield Ink Bottles. With high page yield ink bottles (6,000 pages for black and 7,000 pages for colored), users can enjoy printing without having to worry about cost of ink or ink supplies running low.
  • Integrated Ink Tank System. Built-in integrated ink tanks create a compact printer body. Users can also view remaining ink levels easily at a glance.
  • Quality Photo and Document Printing. Borderless photos can be printed up to A4 size, and Canon’s Hybrid ink system is equally adept at producing crisp black text documents and stunning photos.

For full specs, click here: Canon Philippines

When I didn’t have my Canon Pixma G2000 printer yet, I used to go to my brother’s room and ask him to print stickers for me. And sometimes I would get really upset whenever he was out because I was too excited to print the planner stickers I’ve just downloaded. My husband told me that he bought the printer para hindi na ako pumupunta sa kapatid ko. He felt my struggle hahaha.

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I was okay without a printer before I joined the planner community. The time I got into creative planning, I realized I needed one. I have printed hundreds and hundreds of planner sticker sheets already (imagine gaano karami ang ginugupit ko!) It would have been better if I have a Silhouette or a Cricut machine so I won’t cut the stickers by hand, but the odds are never in my favor these days, LOL.

I also want an HP Sprocket or a Polaroid Zip or a Pringo for hassle-free memory keeping.

So aside from printing tons of stickers, I use my printer for making scrapbooks, invitations, home and school labels, and worksheets for the kids. I always have a ream of paper in stock so I won’t have to stress myself na mauubos ang papel, and I can save money from buying in bulk than in sheets.

Integrated Ink Tank System & Efficient Printing

After 1 year and 2 months, here’s my Canon Pixma G2000 ink tank levels. I print an estimated 1-10 pages almost everyday, varying from draft to high quality, black and colored. 

The magenta is almost depleted while the black is still filled halfway up. Canon recommends that when the remaining ink level of any ink tank falls below the lower limit line, refill that ink tank with the corresponding color of ink.


Compared to older printer versions, printers with ink tanks are way more efficient. With my old printers, ink cartridges were replaced almost every 3 months and cost around PhP 500++ each, depending on the brand.

My brother bought his printer a couple of years back and he had it “converted” (from cartridge to refillable ink tank) so he can save on ink. I don’t recommend it because the printer looked like a mess with the ink tanks outside and tubes hanging here and there. Buti na lang when we were out to buy my printer there’s already a built-in technology so there’s no need for me to convert anymore.

Cheaper Ink Refill Prices

We bought our first ink refill for Canon Pixma G2000 (790 M – magenta color) for PhP 295 at PC Express. Only buy genuine ink from legit distributors and double check if the packaging is sealed.

If you buy non-genuine inks, they may affect the printer’s performance and/or the print quality. There are instances that some non-genuine inks have caused overheating of the print head and smoke emission. Yikes!

Here’s how easy it is to refill Canon PIXMA G2000 ink tanks: Open the lid, unplug the cover, and squeeze the ink bottle. That’s it!

Cleaning and maintenance are also easy. It comes with a software and you can find all answers to common FAQs there.

What’s the best printer for you? Let me know in the comment section. πŸ™‚


Published: 2017-08-02 11:09:28


  1. Janice

    OMG I feel you. I print a lot of planner stickers as well kaya hindi ako mabubuhay ng walang printer. Haha! Anyway, our printer’s ink is not refillable so your printer is probably more cost-efficient. But I’m not complaining coz we got our printer for free so happy na din ako. πŸ™‚

    10 . Aug . 2017
  2. Mom's Shout Out

    reading from in your testimony it makes me consider this brand of printer esp that i’m in plan to buy one

    11 . Aug . 2017
  3. Nerisa

    Aw, sayang… i should have seen this review before we bought our printer/scanner/copier. mukhang the refillable ink of canon is much cheaper than the brand we bought.

    12 . Aug . 2017
  4. mrsEnerodiaries

    I haven’t tried canon printer, I’m using brother printer but it’s old and I’m thinking of buying a new one. This post is so informative plus I love refillable inks too. Hello fellow crafter, I want to have that cricut machine too for my planner abubots! There is on-going giveaway, I have joined, sali na!

    13 . Aug . 2017
  5. Melisa Sanchez

    Proven na talaga ang quality ng Canon even nga sa mga Cameras and other objects. If hubby and I will buy a printer in the foture I also prefer a Canon printer. Napakahalaga ngaun ng printer lalo na pag may students ka.

    14 . Aug . 2017
  6. Maan Laxa

    Sweet! I’m very contented with my 2-year old Brother laser printer because there’s zero maintenance cost hehe, but I must admit I can sure use a printer to suit my creative planning needs! πŸ˜€

    14 . Aug . 2017
  7. EINz

    Wow! He knows exactly what you need!

    What I’m using now is samsung M2070w multi function printer for my home office. I would love to have a colored printer again, but I know exactly what will happen, just like you… unli stickers for me! 😍

    We have a canon refillable ink before, but lasted only for 2years, maybe I will try first to have it fix than buying a new one.

    14 . Aug . 2017
  8. Louisa Mercado

    I have a Canon E410 myself and it works great. Agree with you on the scanning pad. Should be longer for legal size documents. I’ll consider this on the future because I think in the long run I’ll save on ink.

    06 . Sep . 2017
  9. Berlin | Momi Berlin

    We used to have a printer before and had an unli ink on it. I was told that such unli ink would only bring harm to the printer and it indeed was a wrong decision. Now, we only use original ink to our printer.

    03 . Nov . 2017

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