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New pH Care Naturals Intimate Wash in Papaya and Guava


I LOVE receiving gifts, especially personalized ones! I was touched upon seeing my initials imprinted on the box, but I was more surprised when I saw the gift inside. :)I would always prefer to purchase all-natural products — may it be food, health supplements, and even personal care and beauty…

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FREE Workshop: Makeup 101 by Ellana Minerals & SpeedyCourse


All makeup beginners and beauty enthusiasts must check out this free workshop by Ellana Minerals and SpeedyCourse. Ellana Minerals, a local mineral makeup brand, and SpeedyCourse, an Online Course Finder where you can search for short courses, workshops, trainings, seminars, and other learning events, teamed up to give an early…

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Doll Glam Event by SM Store Beauty Section


I was invited to the SM Store Beauty Section Doll Glam event last Saturday. It was an afternoon of free makeovers, nail art, and hair coloring, plus I was able to witness a Doll Glam Challenge featuring Tricia Gosingtian and Alodia Gosiengfiao.Prior to the event, I had to attend…

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Contributing Writer to Healthy Skin Magazine


My Rating: To make a rather short story shorter, Streetsmartchic (a close friend of mine), introduced me to Doubtproof (her writer/editor friend.) So that’s basically how I landed a writing gig for a magazine.Contributing an article to a magazine is on my bucket list and I’m…