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Chuck’s Grub Fish & Chips: The Full Monty


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We visited the Chuck’s Grub Fish & Chips chippy shop at the Sky Garden in SM City North EDSA a few months ago. Ray had been looking forward to try their fish fillets and so we did when we had our regular family weekend bonding. My husband is a seafood lover; He devours almost anything and everything that swims.

Chucks Grub Fish and Chips - SM North EDSA

We were glad that the establishment is not a kiosk but a sit-down mini restaurant. Chuck’s Grub Fish & Chips has a limited menu, with their best fish fillet offerings in the front line but they also have a few choices of nibbles and chips. To maximize our experience, we ordered 2 Full Monty Samplers.
Chucks Grub Fish and Chips Menu

Our orders were served in cone-shaped grab-and-go cartons, fish fillets on top of fries. Their signature beer batter came from a traditional British recipe, according to the owner’s interview posted at


Chuck's Grub Fish and Chips Review

The Full Monty (PhP 280) is a four-piece sampler of all fish types (Dory, Cobbler, Snapper, and Halibut). I quickly identified the taste of dory since we cook it at home from time to time, but I was clueless with the rest. There was this piece that I loved the most, and I bet it was Halibut because it’s the most expensive type of fish from the menu.

The dips were superb. I ordered Garlic Mayo and hubby’s choice was Tartare Sauce. Other dip options include Good Old Vinegar and Spicy Ranch.

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Chuck's Grub Fish and Chips Full Monty
The Full Monty (Dory, Cobbler, Snapper, Halibut)
PhP 280

Food baskets were provided. They came with an oil absorbing sheets (thank goodness!) to remove the excess grease. Personally, the “umay” factor was quite high because of the oil. If not for the dip, I won’t be able to finish the whole sampler. Make sure you have a chilled fruit juice, soda, or a dessert to partner it with.
Chucks Grub Fish and Chips
I have my own Cream Dory fish fillet recipe. I use Crispy Fry and Japanese bread crumbs for the breading, and for the dip, I mix Japanese mayo, sour cream, lemon juice, onion powder, and chopped fresh parsley. Make sure that fish fillets are fresh.

Fish Fillet with Sour Cream Sauce


Chuck’s Grub Fish & Chips


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