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To make a rather short story shorter, Streetsmartchic (a close friend of mine), introduced me to Doubtproof (her writer/editor friend.) So that’s basically how I landed a writing gig for a magazine.

Healthy Skin Magazine Philippines Contributors

Contributing an article to a magazine is on my bucket list and I’m happy that I’ve finally crossed it off the list. I would have been celebrating in “Writers Heaven” if not for this blog of mine wherein I am allowed to publish my own thoughts and experiences online.

The experience was, as expected, awesome. I’ve written two articles for Healthy Skin Magazine and I’m grateful for the guidance of both ladies I mentioned above. So two articles, one about the importance of having regular facials, and the other about juice cleanse. Both beauty and health departments are close to my heart.

Honestly, I still consider myself as a blogger.. A writer, maybe, but not a proficient one. I remember revising the articles to make them more accurate and appealing. I still have a long way to go and a lot to improve on but I’m hoping that with dedication and practice, I can become a better writer with time.

Healthy Skin is the first magazine in the Philippines that is focused on demystifying non-invasive, in-clinic beauty and slimming treatments. It’s exclusively for skin clinics and spas, but if ever it would hit the magazine stands, please do get a copy of its first issue. Or, you can also get a digital copy for free at Buqo

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Published: 2014-07-22 14:13:37

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  1. Arnold Bagabaldo

    Greetings Amethystine,

    Thank you for the nice articles and write up about healthy skin magazine 🙂

    We are now on our 4th issue for the magazine. It has been a challenging ride to get where we are, but we are still firm in our belief that having the magazine will help the public understand the options available to them.

    We have finally gotten to building a website for the magazine, with all its past and future articles available to the public. We hope that by making it available online, it will be more accessible to the masses as well as give them more options to interact with its contents.

    We would like to invite you and your friends to be contributors to the site (and the magazine). There would be a small compensation for the contributions (not much as we are still trying to make the magazine self sustainable), but it will hopefully help cover any expenses you might incur.



    05 . Jul . 2015

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