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Cotton is Cool in School








Cotton Council International, the organization behind the COTTON USA Mark, helps parents care for kids throughout the school year.


Classes are shifting into high gear as back-to-school concerns have mostly been ironed out and settled by the middle of the first semester. Parents may have heaved a sigh of relief but are they adequately prepared to provide their children with important back-to-school provisions for the entire school year?

Cotton Council International, the organization behind the COTTON USA Mark, shares a list of important reminders for parents to ensure that their children are well-equipped to take on the challenges that the school year brings:



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  • Clothing: School kids wear their uniforms five out of seven days a week. Majority of the schools dictate the fabric of their specific uniforms, parents can make sure that these uniforms are supplemented with undergarments that are comfortable, breathable and cool on the skin, like 100% cotton underwear, undershirts, camisoles and socks. Cotton is soft on the skin, so children will not be bothered by a rough and itchy fabric that can distract them from listening to their teacher or having fun in the playground. Also, don’t forget to give your kids cotton handkerchiefs or face towels that they can use to wipe off sweat or clean themselves after a grueling PE session. Always look for the COTTON USA Mark hangtag when buying these cotton items because it guarantees that the items are made of 100% cotton with at least 50% made from high quality cotton from the United States.


  • Back-up essentials: The weather is unpredictable and children need to be prepared for Mother Nature’s surprises. A small, foldable and lightweight umbrella that they can carry in their bags can protect them from either the rain or sunshine. Also, parents shouldn’t forget to apply insect-repellent on their children before leaving for school to prevent mosquito bites or bee stings in the school garden. Throw in an extra cotton shirt in the child’s school bag too, and teach him or her to make it a habit to change out of sweat- or rain-soaked tops.


  • Vitamins: School children are in constant contact with their peers: their seatmates, best friends, and other schoolmates.  Make sure to arm children with a daily dose of vitamins, to strengthen their immune system and fight off infections and diseases. Vitamin C and other multivitamins easily available in the local drugstores will help boost their resistance. It is also advisable to bring your children to their pediatrician for the annual flu shots especially with the onslaught of the rainy season, which provides a favorable environment for viruses to flourish. Remind children to always practice proper hygiene as well. Creating the habit of washing their hands before and after eating, as well as when they get their hands dirty with school work or after play time, will help keep your child healthy and germ-free.


  • Food: Proper nutrition is essential for children to overcome the challenges that school-life brings – long school days, tests, homework, projects, and everything in between. It is essential for parents to prepare healthy meals to support a child’s physical and mental health. Start them off with a full breakfast consisting of a rice meal or a bowl of cereal and fruits, depending on the child’s preference. For their recess or merienda, assemble a sandwich made with whole wheat and their favorite filling for the much-needed energy-boost. Include a bottle of their favorite natural fruit juice like orange or pineapple as refreshment. For lunch, avoid giving children too much processed food. Instead, prepare a home-cooked viand with vegetables, and throw in a fruit-based dessert like fruit salad.


  • Rest: After a full day at school and lots of play-time, getting at least eight hours of sleep at night is necessary for children to re-charge for tomorrow and get those growth cells in motion. Prep your children for a peaceful and comfortable slumber by giving them a warm bath before bedtime. Wrap your child with a soft, fluffy and absorbent 100% cotton towel to dry, and dress him in his favorite cotton pajamas. Then, tuck him into a bed made with cotton sheets and blankets that provide warmth and a smooth, cozy feeling. Cap the night with a warm glass of milk partnered with a bedtime story, and your child will surely be lulled to sleep.


Learning in school can be an exciting and pleasant experience for children. With these tips from Cotton Council International, parents can provide their children with essential support and protection to reach their full potential throughout the school year – with flying marks!


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Published: 2011-08-17 11:20:16

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