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We Love the Couple App for iPhone and Android


Couple mobile app for Android and iPhone is our favorite messaging app for couples. We’ve downloaded the app for the purpose of sending messages to each other for free but it’s actually more than just a messaging app. It includes other fun, interactive features for couples like us to enjoy.


Couple - An App for Two
Developer: TenthBit Inc.


This app encourages people in relationships to always stay in touch. It is perfect for long distance relationships and helpful to couples who are planning their wedding day. The messaging window creates a private timeline where you can post chat/text messages, photos, videos, and voice messages.

Couple App Review


Lovers can also share sketches (or sketch together in real time), share current locations (for meetups), and Thumbkiss (let your partner touch the same spot as your thumb on the screen). There is also a tool for setting up important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. Our favorite and most used feature is the sharing of to-do lists. Our shared grocery list are regularly synced so he would just check the list on his phone whenever he goes grocery shopping.
The app can be password-protected so you don’t have to worry keeping your messages and moments private.
There are also other mobile apps for couples such as Between (highest rated), Avocado (upgradable and with limitations), R U Couple? Couple U! (kawaii-style) – but we’ve settled with Couple for its simple interface and usability. 🙂


Couple App for Android
The chat timeline


Messaging App for Couples
Sharing our family doodle!


Apps for Couples Android
Our long list of lists. Very convenient!


Apps for Couples iPhone
Gettin’ mushy! 🙂

Couple App for iPhone
Important dates with reminders


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