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My Creamy Garlic Mushroom Pasta Recipe


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I am a certified pastaholic and I always enjoy cooking various pasta dishes in the kitchen. This creamy garlic mushroom pasta recipe features a great base sauce. Just add sausage slices, ham slices, chicken strips, pancetta, or ground beef for an instant hearty meal.♥

creamy garlic mushroom pasta recipe

I tried cooking with only the available ingredients. I have a pack of my favorite Premium Fantastic Sausages BBQ Party Mix. For less than PhP 200, you can enjoy Bratwurst, Cheesy Frankfurter, Hungarian, Italian, and Schublig sausages. I usually take Hungarian or Schublig to cook with pastas because of their strong flavor.

For the garlic mushroom cream sauce, I have a small can of evaporated milk, all-purpose cream, butter, and egg. McCormick Garlic Powder is for the garlicky flavor boost. And of course, grated Parmesan cheese and dried basil for the final touches.


The queen of this creamy garlic mushroom pasta recipe is the button mushrooms. I always keep bottled mushrooms and black olives in our refrigerator because they can be added to just about any pasta dish you can imagine. I personally believe that these are better (healthier, maybe) than the canned ones. Fresh mushrooms are always the best choice but I can’t run to the market/grocery every time I’m going to need them.

Mushroom and olives in bottle

Creamy Garlic Mushroom Recipe
Creamy, garlicky pasta dish
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  1. 250 grams fusilli pasta noodles
  2. 1/2 piece Hungarian or Schublig sausage, sliced
  3. 1 cup button mushrooms, sliced
  4. 2-3 cloves garlic, chopped
  5. 1 small can evaporated milk
  6. 1 pack all-purpose cream
  7. 1 egg, beaten
  8. Parmesan cheese, grated
  9. 1/2 tbsp butter
  10. McCormick Garlic powder
  11. McCormick Basil leaves
  12. Salt to taste
  1. Cook pasta until al dente or follow package instructions.
  2. Using low heat, melt butter in a pan and saute garlic.
  3. Add sliced sausage and saute until cooked. Add button mushrooms and stir for a few more minutes.
  4. Pour in evaporated milk and all-purpose cream. Bring to a simmer and add beaten egg. Mix for a minute then turn off heat.
  5. Sprinkle basil leaves, salt, and garlic powder.
  6. Pour sauce mixture into pasta and sprinkle parm cheese on top.
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Published: 2013-08-19 10:00:00

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