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DIY Glitter Shoe Soles



I’m so sparkly I walk on glitter! Literally. Let’s start getting glitzy with my DIY Glitter Shoe Soles tutorial.

DIY Glitter Shoe Soles

Why the soles? Two reasons. One, I’m a woman of subtle surprises and two, I’m not that confident covering the entire shoe with glitter. So here’s what you will need:

A Pair of Heels
I got mine from SabeLLa for PhP 1,500. I do not recommend using expensive designer shoes for this project. Those shoes are too good to mess up with.

Classic Mod Podge
One medium bottle costs less than 300 or 400 buckaroos at Deovir (3rd floor, SM North EDSA branch). It’s almost the same as Elmer’s glue, but I think they differ with strength and consistency.

Fine Glitters

Medium-sized Paintbrush

DIY Glitter Shoes


Prepare the working area. Pour mod podge glue into a plastic cup or onto a paper plate. Add a small amount of glitter and mix together using the paintbrush. You need to estimate the amount needed for one shoe.

Mod Podge Classic


Paint the mod podge and glitter mixture smoothly over the shoe sole.

Glitter Shoe Soles


This is the part where it gets fun and messy. Sprinkle glitter all over the glue-covered sole and gently tap with your fingers to secure glitters in place. Tapping also makes an even surface. Shake off excess glitter.

Glitter Shoes


Let shoe #1 dry for 30 minutes. Repeat the same procedure for shoe #2 and let dry.

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Do it Yourself Glitter Shoes


My cousin, Julienne, grabbed her old ballet flats and tried the glitter shoe makeover. Using the same turquoise glitters, she added black to make a darker shade.

DIY Crafts - Glitter Shoes


The glitter flats! Unfortunately, she wore her flats on a rainy day and some parts peeled off. 🙁  It’s either the drying time in between layers is too short, the sealant spray didn’t work,  or the shoe material isn’t suitable for this project. Don’t worry, I’ll share the tutorial once I get it right.

Glitter Shoes - Ballet Flats


So, going back.. I made 3 layers (1 layer = cover with glue + sprinkle glitters + let dry for 30 minutes) for the soles. I suggest you wait for more than 30 minutes for the shoes to dry; let’s say over an hour, that is if you can wait. 🙂 To seal, paint with plain mod podge glue the next day. Let dry, then wipe off scattered glitters all over the shoes.

DIY Glitter Shoe


Voila! DIY Glitter Shoe Soles! I’ll try silver and gold glitters for my next shoe victims. 🙂

DIY Glitter Heels


Published: 2012-09-19 01:32:55


  1. jennie

    So are the shoes slippery to walk on since the glitter is on the bottom of the toe of the shoe? I can’t wait to make my heels glittery! 🙂

    12 . Jan . 2013
    • Amethystine

      Hi jennie! No, actually it’s the opposite because the surface is a bit course.

      14 . Jan . 2013
  2. Lucifer

    Did you seal it with a clear coat of anything? Did you have any problems with leaving a glitter trail?

    05 . Apr . 2014

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