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Dupé: True to Your Feet, Hindi Plastik!



 Dupe Slippers Philippines

Yesterday, a surprise  sittin’ on my doorstep made my day. I got myself a new pair of Dupé slippers! I already own a [purple] pair same as this one but I misplaced them. It really is the comfiest for it comes with heel massagers. =)

Dupé (pronounced as doo-peh) is one of my favorite Brazilian footwear brands. Their slippers are made of high quality materials and you can buy them at a mid-range price.




Here are reasons why you should get yourself a pair:


  • Functional & Affordable. Dupé is Brazilian in origin, honest in function, and friendly in price. It is the simple yet durable, straight-to-the-point, no-frills, and value-for-money footwear.
  • 100% Quality Rubber. Dupé takes pride in its 100% rubber-make from its brand and frame down to its sole. Rubber has many advantages over plastic. Rubber is not slippery even on wet surfaces. It is safer to wear because it has better traction than plastic. Moreover, rubber does not cause the feeling of heat on the feet even when used in long durations.
  • Hindi Plastik! Dupé does not make use of plastic/PVC, which is a raw material that easily slips on smooth surfaces. Aside from these, plastic tends to cause more friction between the strap of the slipper and the skin thus producing the feeling of uncomfortable warm temperature on the feet. In addition, rashes can result when using plastic slippers because of the said roughness it generates.
  Like, Pose and Win with Dupe


  • Toxic-free. Dupé does not use paints with heavy metals like lead, cadmium, nickel and chrome, which are harmful to one’s health. The solvents used are scent-free, which reduce the probability of having allergic skin reactions. Dupé slippers are light, do not smell and do not deform with usage. The straps are flexible and do not cause wounds between the toes.



Dupé is available in leading Landmark, Planet Sports, Shopwise, SM and Sports Warehouse stores. For more info, visit





Published: 2012-07-27 14:51:47

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