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The Dutch Mill Delight Launch and Daddy Dance-Off Challenge


Last weekend I attended the launch of Dutch Mill Delight at Palm Drive, Glorietta 2. The activity center was filled with parents and kids who were looking forward to the program and to try the dance-off challenge.


What is Dutch Mill Delight?

As you might have asked, “Iba pa ba yan sa paboritong Dutch Mill yoghurt drink ng anak ko?” Well, the answer is YES.

Under the same brand [Dutch Mill] that we mothers love and trust, Dutch Mill Delight is a probiotic drink. But it’s not the same with other probiotic drinks that we were accustomed to.

Dutch Mill Delight Probiotic plus Prebiotic

Dutch Mill Delight is the 2nd generation probiotic drink that has both probiotic and prebiotic fiber, an upgrade from the usual. Its DUO Active power allows the good bacteria – lactobacillus paracasei – to survive, thus helping make your tummy healthier.

Aside from its probiotic + prebiotic power, Dutch Mill Delight is also non-fat and made from real milk. Pure goodness in one bottle!

The Dutch Mill Delight Product Launch

Before the event started, I was able to sample the sumptuous food served for all guests. I also met some cool people both from the media and the blogger community.

During the program, guests were informed about the benefits of drinking probiotic drinks regularly. They invited Dr. Ida F. Dalmacio to discuss how probiotics work inside the body.

According to her, the prebiotic fiber, a plant-based fiber, is a source of energy to help good bacteria grow and fluorish. In short, prebiotic fibers are the nutritious food for probiotics in your body. Once probiotics eat the prebiotic fibers, they became stronger and multiply. And we need at least 100 million good bacteria a day.


She also discussed numerous benefits of drinking probiotics:

  • It inhibits ulcer-causing bacteria or helicobacter pylori
  • Lowers inflammation in the body
  • Reduction of colon cancers
  • Reduction of fats
  • Promotos better mineral absorption (calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc)

Talented duo Alonzo Muhlach and Niño Muhlach for Dutch Mill Delight

The Child Wonder of the Philippines, Mr. Niño Muhlach, has already passed his legacy onto his uber cute and talented son, Alonzo. Alonzo Muhlach is the product endorser of Dutch Mill and the partneship couldn’t get anymore perfect.
Alonzo treated the guests and mall-goers to a song number, then after that his dad was also requested onstage for a little chit-chat.

According to the duo, they both love eating, swimming and going to waterparks, “huggy time” and drinking Dutch Mill Delight. Alonzo drinks Delight 3x a day – before school, after school, and before bedtime. Moreover, Niño shared to the public how Dutch Mill Delight aids for better digestion and how he already reduced weight by drinking it regularly.

Meet Rio

Rio is the name of Dutch Mill Delight’s probiotic character. He was there to entertain guests, join in selfies, and celebrate Alonzo’s birthday together with his family.

Daddy Dance-Off Challenge

Both father and son showed off their moves during the launch through an augmented reality dance experience.

Both were impressive, but who’s got the better moves?


Of course, Alonzo and the kids of this generation have better moves (and better tummies, too!) all thanks to the 2nd gen Dutch Mill Delight. Hooray to Dutch Mill Delight drinkers! 🙂

Thank you Dutch Mill for always providing moms better options to support their kids’ health and well-being. As for me, I’ll continue to give my kids only the best, and that includes giving them Dutch Mill Delight everyday!

So Moms, what are you waiting for?

Dutch Mill Delight Upgrade to 2nd Gen Probiotic Drink

Published: 2017-03-07 13:28:40

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