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Enhance your Brand Image with WAV Digital Signages


What is Brand Image?

According to, brand image “refers to the way a market as a whole views a given company or product.” It’s more than just brand recognition, it’s the consumers’ perception and impression of the brand’s total personality, both tangible and intangible elements. A brand image can become positive or negative (or both), after it has been developed over time through advertising efforts, and is authenticated through the consumers’ direct experience.


One of the easiest ways to establish a strong brand image is to create effective visual brand elements, such as the logo, signage, slogan, and so on. With a consistent theme, a consumer can easily recognize and relate to a particular company or a product.

WAV Digital Signages Philippines

WAV Atmospheric Branding’s Digital Signages help brands and companies create compelling audio-visual content, making brand imaging and visual promotions more exciting. WAV digital signages also enable brands to give out target-based information on audience demographics. They are entertaining, efficient and cost-effective, and can be easily updated without any hassle.


Their digital signages take different forms — from the biggest of screens to the tiniest that can be placed on a table top, and to flexibles that curve and follow the shape of walls. They provide signages for stand alone kiosks, and they also have touchscreen signages, streamed customized TV, hotel entrance signages, corporate led bulletins and more.

WAV Atmospheric is a leading sensory marketing company that combines in-store media, scent marketing, customized music and digital signage to communicate and connect with consumers. WAV’s creative team consists of award winning creative directors, TV commercial directors, and grounded production crew. They have worked with fortune 500 companies but won’t hesitate working with startups.

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WAV Atmospheric Branding Philippines
Sales Office:
208 VM Condominium
146 Amorsolo Street
Makati City, 1229
Telephone Numbers:
(+632) 519-0001, 519-0205,
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Published: 2015-05-29 15:28:26

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