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Find the Perfect Jeans for your Body Type


A pair of jeans is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe and has never gone out of style ever since its debut in 1873. It’s a versatile and fashionable piece that you can wear over and over again and a must-have item for all seasons.


We all may have found our jean personality but most women still find it difficult to get the perfect fit every time they shop. There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re buying a pair of jeans – your body shape, your height, the rise (the key to comfort), color, fabric, cut, style, and even the event or place you will be using it for. Good thing that French Dressing Jeans (FDJ), an online shop where you can find a collection of shape-flattering jeans, helps women to get the perfect fit for their specific body type through their Fit Guide


French Dressing Jeans Fit Guide

It’s actually frustrating when you try a pair of jeans, buying it, then getting disappointed by the end of the day because it actually didn’t feel right. You should know that a perfect fit will help accentuate your best features and downplay your flaws. So whether you’re slim, curvy, tall, or petite, there’s always a pair of perfect jeans for you out there.

FDJ Fit Guide

A classic Suzanne fit is designed for women with less pronounced derriere – straight hips and less curve. A boyish figure is tricky to dress up when it comes to jeans, but with the right waistband, back pockets that are faded or have flaps and embellishments, and fading on the thighs can amp up your figure.

Supreme Denim Suzanne Slim Leg

Olivia is designed for slightly curvy women using contoured waistbands for comfort. To balance out your curves, try a straight leg, bootcut, or folded cropped pants. If you have more weight in the middle go for a higher rise.

Olivia Fashion Slim Ankle

If you have a defined waist and more pronounced curves, aka the Hourglass figure (congratulations!), almost any cut will flatter your body but you might suffer from waist gaps at the back. Peggy jeans is the perfect solution.

Classic Denim Peggy Bootcut - French Dressing Jeans

Kylie is for women with straighter hips and thighs. Denim with whiskering effects at the hips and jeans with higher placed pockets will create a curvier look.

Love Denim Kylie Slim Leg - French Dressing Jeans

Every woman deserves her own perfect pair of jeans so don’t let your judgement nor your insecurities tell you otherwise. If you’re hunting for that perfect pair, make sure you know what will suit you best and don’t hesitate to try on as many different fits as possible to find what kind of jeans will compliment your figure the most.

Here are my picks from FDJ. Check their denim collection at



Published: 2017-10-30 17:54:03

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