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ZAR 9: Free Photo Recovery Software


Free Photo Recovery Software - Zero Assumption Recovery

Zero Assumption Recovery 9 is a free photo recovery software that you can download and use to retrieve lost and deleted images from memory cards.

The other day, my cousin came back from his Bohol-Cebu trip and as he was about to transfer his photos from his camera to the PC, he found out that the memory card was corrupted. He asked me if I can help him recover the photos so I searched for photo recovery softwares online.

I’ve downloaded some trial versions like Photo Recovery Genius but they won’t allow me to save the photos unless I pay for the full versions, bleh. I’ve also downloaded softwares with cracks from Torrent websites but they didn’t work. We’ve almost lost all hope but after an hour or so, I found myself reading a step by step tutorial from this website. My cousin’s 500+ photos were saved! I’m sharing this with you guys just in case bad luck’s on its way to your files.

ZAR 9 – General-purpose data recovery for

  • formatted drives, both external and internal
  • “RAW filesystem”
  • deleted files
  • the case of MBR damage
  • broken RAID array
  • lost digital photos

Here’s the tutorial (Zero Assumption Recovery) and the download link (ZAR 9)

Published: 2011-03-14 21:29:33

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