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Buy Your Kids’ Vitamins and Medicines at Hey Mom Online Shop


Running errands has become quite a challenge for me lately since we don’t have a yaya to watch over my kids whenever I’m away. Good thing there are online shops that cater to our needs as a family. I’ve been doing my grocery shopping online for the past weeks, and just recently, I also bought my kids’ vitamin supply at Hey Mom Online Shop.

In between juggling work & blogging commitments, household chores, and personal care, I always see to it that I still have time to bond with my children. That’s why I hate going outdoors then getting stuck in traffic. Sayang sa oras talaga. So I’m really thankful with the advanced technology that we’re enjoying today, at na-imbento ang online shopping. It makes my life easier.

Hey Mom Online Shop - Vitamins Medicines Philippines

Shop for Children’s Vitamins and Medicines at Hey Mom

Online shopping nowadays is not only limited to clothing, makeup, toys, or gadgets. Pati vitamins, medicines, and personal care pwede na rin bilhin online! At Hey Mom, mommies can purchase their children’s pediatric health staples.

Hey Mom is also an online haven for moms and moms to be. You may join the community to interact with other moms and discuss relevant parenting issues.

Hey Mom Online Shop

Their product range includes brands such as Ceelin, Allerkid, Nutroplex, and other trusted names when it comes to children’s vitamins and medicines, plus they carry healthcare products for grown-ups and senior citizens.

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Hey Mom Online Shop Bestsellers

Hey Mom also offers a complete range of best-selling items in bundles! I often buy items in bundles kasi it’s most probably cheaper than buying in singles.

Hey Mom Online Shop Kiddie Bundle

My Hey Mom Shopping Experience

  1. I signed up on Hey Mom Online Shop and it took me just 2 minutes and a few mouse clicks to finish. To register, look for the “Sign Up” tab.
  2. I browsed through the Categories on the left sidebar and clicked on “Children’s Health”.
  3. I added items to my shopping cart. I’m surprised that some vitamins are lower in price!
  4. I checked out, chose the “Cash on Delivery” payment option, and waited for the vitamins to be delivered.

Shipping fee is PhP 90 and delivery is within 1 – 3 days.

They have flexible payment options too – Cash on Delivery, Debit Card, Credit Card and Bank Transfer.

Shop Vitamins and Medicines Online PH

Hey Mom is now definitely my go-to online shop for pediatric care! I think you need to stock up on vitamins and medicines too, ’cause we all know that the weather nowadays is unpredictable and there’s traffic everywhere (especially that the holiday season is just around the corner). Mas mabuti na yung may PLAN B just in case your PLAN A doesn’t work!

So what are you waiting for mommies? Sign up now at and try shopping on Hey Mom.

For more info and updates about Hey Mom and their products, follow their Facebook page and watch out for daily posts and special promos.

Published: 2017-10-09 11:00:53



  1. Michi (@michisolee)

    I always say that I’m not fond of online shopping pero now, medyo nagugustuhan ko na rin siya. Sa sobrang traffic ngayon, parang ayaw ko na rin lumabas ng bahay. hehehe! I haven’t tried online grocery and hey mom, not sure kung available sa province.

    10 . Oct . 2017
  2. Berlin | Momi Berlin

    Good thing theres this kind of service for moms or anyone who cant simply go out and buy medicine for their loved ones. I really appreciate Hey mom’s effort to make life easier.

    10 . Oct . 2017
  3. mamaspeaksagain

    This is a welcome service for busy mommies. It is also nice to know that they sell at an affordable and competitive price. Thanks.

    10 . Oct . 2017
  4. gilian

    I love online shops. It is really helpful and convenient for moms. More like this please. 🙂 I also love the fact that it’s a community where you can discuss things with other parents. 🙂

    11 . Oct . 2017
  5. MrsEneroDiaries

    Been seeing Hey Mom Online Shop’s ads on FB, but I haven’t tried it. I love online shopping, sobrang convenient sating mga nanay. Will try this soon lalo na maulan na. Korek ka dyan sa Plan B.

    11 . Oct . 2017
  6. Marie San Luis

    Off topic, I love your blog layout! So, back to the topic, I am one of those moms that feel that online shopping is heaven sent but I never knew that you can buy vitamins online, so this is definitely cool!

    12 . Oct . 2017
  7. Nerisa

    This is a nice way to ensure that the medicines and vitamins we buy online are not fakes. Dami kasing online seller na fake products so we need to be cautious when buying online.

    12 . Oct . 2017
  8. Melisa Sanchez

    I am not fond of online shopping but this one looks really nice, kasi hassle free at hindi time consuming. Hirap kasi lumabas pa ngayon kasi trafic dito at trafic don. Pero really? may mga vit sila na mas mababa ang price? I will definitely check this.

    12 . Oct . 2017
  9. Janice

    I’ve heard of Hey Mom before but haven’t gotten around to exploring the site. Didn’t know they also sell kids’ vitamins. We usually buy ours at the same time we buy groceries. We haven’t tried buying groceries online either because we consider that as a bonding activity with our kids. But maybe when we find ourselves too busy to go out we can try this. 🙂

    12 . Oct . 2017
  10. Mhaan (@momyrockinstyle)

    Hey Mom’s founder is truly heaven sent! Will definitely check out her store. Perfect timing, my son’s vitamins are almost run out.

    19 . Oct . 2017
  11. EINz

    I have yet to try this, I’m a huge fan of online shopping and would want to try this as well as online grocery shopping for next time. Thanks for sharing!

    23 . Oct . 2017

Thanks for dropping by!

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