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Hokkaido Ramen Santouka at Trinoma Garden


Our RAMENventure led us to Hokkaido Ramen Santouka in Trinoma, one of the most talked-about ramen places in the country. The weather may not be ramen-friendly, but who cares? It’s RAMEN, right? 🙂

We were strolling along Trinoma garden (which reminds me of Greenblet 5) and we saw Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, sharing a space with its sister company, Mochicream Cafe. How lucky I am to have two of the best ramen joints in the north, Nagi (SM North) and Santouka (Trinoma).

So enough of the blabbing. We settled in a long sharing table, and I noticed how “woodsy” the resto is. Despite the earthy ambiance, the restaurant still looks modern and sophisticated.

We were supposed to order big ramen bowls, but we were drawn to their yummy selection of ramen and rice bowl sets. Their sets are already complete with appetizer, salad, fruits, and tea.

I remembered my kids at home when I saw their Parent-Child Set (PhP 450). It includes 1 regular-sized ramen, 1 child ramen (1/3 portion of regular size), and a toy. 

My husband ordered the Set I – Small Ramen & Grilled Salmon and Salmon Roe Rice Bowl Set (PhP 470). He chose their signature Shio Ramen (salt flavor). Shio has a mild, distinct taste, with a milky/creamy consistency. Toppings include chashu, jelly ear mushrooms, bamboo shoots, leeks, narutomaki, sesame seeds, and Santouka’s signature topping, pickled plum (they only include it in Shio). The salmon rice bowl is also a must-try.

Small Ramen & Grilled Salmon and Salmon Roe Rice Bowl Set (Shio)

On the other side of the table is Set G – Small Ramen & Curry and Rice Bowl Set (PhP 470). There’s an additional PhP 20 for Kara-Miso Ramen (hot soybean paste flavor). If you’re a follower of this blog you must have noticed that I always prefer my food spicy.

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I think the price for the whole set is fair enough, given the complete meal of ramen, rice bowl, appetizer, salad (with sesame dressing), fruits, and tea.

Small Ramen & Curry and Rice Bowl Set (Kara-Miso)

The curry & rice are so good, I was deeply disappointed with the small serving size. I wanted to order a full serving. LOL.

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka - Curry Rice Bowl

The Kara-Miso Ramen is bursting with umami flavor, and it has the right level of spiciness. I enjoyed each and every slurp! I go by the saying, ‘save the best for last’, so I finished everything first before I devoured my ramen. The soup isn’t too hot upon serving (which I thought was a coincidence), then I later learned that they do it on purpose. Why?

According to their website, they simmer the pork bones for about 20 hours before adding vegetables, dried fish, kelp and other special ingredients. They believe that maintaining the optimal temperature of the soup will bring out its exceptional taste and flavor. No boiling, only simmering. 

The “simmered” pork broth may not be hot enough, but I think it’s fine especially if someone’s in a hurry or the soup would be served to a child or to an elderly.

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka - Kara-Miso Ramen

The spiciness and taste is a bit similar to Karamen Hot Spicy Ramen by Taisho Ramen, a long time ramen fave of mine. I’m actually torn between the two. There’s nothing special about Santouka’s chashu and noodles, but the blend of all the ingredients is perfect.

The spiciest ramen I’ve had so far is Black King by Ramen Nagi (ramen is customizable, so I went overboard with the Fire Sauce level.. I thought I could handle the heat!). Next to the list is Yuzu-Tama Tonkotsu Ramen by Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen (a uniquely-flavored ramen spiced with yuzu pepper).  

On my next visit to Santouka Ramen, I’ll never forget to order Ajitama.

Published: 2015-06-08 18:42:19


  1. Renz of Pinaymompreneur

    Oh there’s a toy! It’s like Japan! We ate at a Japan ramen house and it’s delish. I hope the taste is the same.

    I’m sure my family will love it here. A must try!

    19 . Jun . 2015
  2. Nica Reyes

    Hubby and I are into RAMENventures too now. And we haven’t tried this restaurant. (I did my research) Great they have in Makati. 🙂

    AND COOL, they have parent-child see perfect for me and the little Prince. The King would prefer not to share; he can finish a whole huge bowl. 😛

    19 . Jun . 2015
  3. MrsMartinez

    I have not been to Trinoma in a long time. I will check this out when I go back.


    19 . Jun . 2015
  4. Jen

    Parang ang dami kong nakikitang nag raramen nowadays. Ito ba ang trending ngayon? Kasi pati yung partner ko nag yayaya ng ramen eh. Haha! I think the price is fine with all that’s included on the meal. I want to taste the ramen parang ang sarap!

    19 . Jun . 2015
  5. Viva Kitchen Goddess

    My hubby loves Santouka ramen while I am crazy about Ramen Nagi. 🙂

    20 . Jun . 2015
  6. Teresa Martinez

    You’ve definitely given me an idea of where to eat when we are in this area. I would like to try this out myself given your very encouraging comments about your dining experience here.

    20 . Jun . 2015
  7. sarah tirona

    LOVE their ramen here, one of my faves 🙂

    20 . Jun . 2015
  8. katjrod

    Ooh, definitely a must-try. My husband loves Japanese food a lot.

    20 . Jun . 2015
  9. Juvy Ann

    Oh how child friendly is that? I love that they are giving attention to their young guests. It is not very often than you find Jap restaurants with children’s meal and with toys too… Thanks for sharing.

    20 . Jun . 2015
  10. Mommy Peach

    We haven’t tried Hokkaido Santouka yet. Now, I want to go to Trinoma and try it out.

    23 . Jun . 2015
  11. Maan

    Wow, 20 hours? No wonder they look so divine! I think the parent-child set sounds like a wonderful idea.

    23 . Jun . 2015
  12. Rackell

    Na try na namin tong resto na to way back April 2013 sa Glorietta branch and I must say na super sarap dito. (

    How I wish makakain ulit ako dito right after giving birth on my second child. 🙂

    27 . Jun . 2015
  13. Nhessie Agustin

    oh my! love ramen too! your photos make me hungry at 2 in the morning hahaha.

    06 . Jul . 2015

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