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How To Treat Dengue Fever


Dengue Fever Prevention

How to Fight Dengue Viruses…

March 6 (Sunday)
My husband, after taking his afternoon shower, complained about feeling nauseated. He went to bed earlier than usual and woke up the next day with a high fever, 38 degrees.

March 7 (Monday)
We arrived at the emergency room of Capitol Medical Center by 7 AM. Aside from fever he complained about having severe headaches and back pains. His blood sample was taken for the Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test. Then after an hour we were told that he was positive for dengue fever. I was thankful that he wasn’t diagnosed with the more serious form, Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. His platelet count was still around 200+ (normal for males is 150 – 440) so we were advised to go home and come back the next day for another CBC test.

March 8 (Tuesday)
On his second CBC test, his platelet count dropped but not below the normal range. At home, he spent long hours in bed sleeping and taking medicines. He started to lose appetite.

March 9 (Wednesday)
Rashes were starting to appear. His body temperature maintains a 37+ degrees.

March 10 (Thursday)
I’ve decided to have his platelet count checked after his fever skyrocketed to 39.9 degrees. The results showed that his platelet count increased a little and that was enough for me to feel relieved.

March 11 (Friday)
His rashes were evident on the trunk, limbs, and face. He started eating again but was still too weak to finish a full meal. His body temperature returned to normal.

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March 12 (Saturday)
At last, there were no signs of danger. It took him 5 more days to completely recover and regain his strength.

Dengue Fever Rashes

What To Do:

  • Let the patient be checked by a doctor after 24 hours of high fever. I think moms should be aware that fever is a sign of infection and must be acted upon asap.
  • Demand for a CBC test.
  • Hydration is the cure for dengue, therefore fluid intake must be increased. Let the patient drink lots of water (more than 8 glasses a day). I bought my husband a few bottles of Gatorade to keep him hydrated.
  • The patient still needs multivitamins and Vitamin C (preferably Fern-C)
  • Don’t let the patient do strenuous activity. Bed rest is highly needed.
  • Give Paracetamol for fever and headache. Do not administer Ibuprofen for pain, only when prescribed by the doctor.
  • Watch out for signs of bleeding and rashes. Inform the doctor asap when these happen.

Dengue Prevention Tips:

  • Take with you an insect repellent spray or lotion. I suggest the Giga Insect Repellant Spray due to its natural ingredients.
  • Clean your surroundings. Stagnant water becomes a breeding place for mosquitoes so cover gully traps, clean roof gutters, change water in flower vases, and remove water in containers where they shouldn’t be.
  • Boost your family’s immune system with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and multivitamins.

Stay healthy everyone! :mrgreen:

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