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How to Wear the Little White Dress



little white dress
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Give your LBD a break this summer and make a season debut in your ‘little white dress‘. Both colors are versatile but some women get confused as to what shoes they can pair their white dress with.
Pair a white casual dress with loafers, gladiators, colored wedges, strappy sandals, brogues, and flats. If you want to pair white with white, try other white variations (ivory, cream, off-white) and make sure your white sandals (or vice versa) are embellished with gems, studs, or tassels.

Casual White


A white dress in ivory is best for special occasions. Pair it with a red polka dot mary jane and you’re ready for a retro cocktail party. Formal dinner with the in-laws? Grab a blazer and glam up with stiletto heels. If you’re not into sky-high shoes, choose an elegant-looking pair of ballet flats.

Shoe Buzz

Can you wear a white dress in someone else’s wedding?

NO. Traditionally, female guests are not allowed to wear white because it’s not polite to “steal” the bride’s color on her special day. If you’ve only been tagged by a friend to come and you don’t personally know the bride, it’s a wise decision to pick another color, unless the bride requested that all guests should wear white.

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YES. If you think you can pull it off and the people attending are not sticklers for tradition, go for it. Just don’t wear anything that’s close to bridal.

These white bandage dresses are perfect for clubbing and nightlife when paired with pumps, platform sandals, color block shoes, and peep toes. Make sure to bring a pair of glitzy ballet shoes or foldable flats (plus a jacket) just in case you get tired of partying all night.


White Out


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