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I Am Groot! A Sort-Of Guardians of the Galaxy Review


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Last week, husband and I were able to watch the newest Marvel movie – Guardians of the Galaxy. He was asking me three days before that we should see it. I absolutely, totally have no idea about the movie (didn’t even dare to Google it at the time) so I just waited for the day we’ll finally be watching it in a movie house.

So I asked him what was the movie about. When he told me it’s a Marvel film, my expectations skyrocketed through the roof. I even told myself, ‘I’m definitely going to have fun!’ And I did.

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Guardians of the Galaxy is basically about a bunch of space misfits trying to save the world slash universe. Their group came to existence when Peter Quill (a human who was abducted by space aliens) stole a mysterious, powerful orb. I won’t be elaborating on what happened next because I want you to watch the film.

Spoilers Ahead!

Also known as Star-Lord, Peter Quill is portrayed by Chris Pratt. I remembered him as Emma’s fiance in Bride Wars. Just 10 seconds ago, I’ve learned that he’s Emmet (well, his voice) in The Lego Movie. He’s also the husband of Anna Faris.

At first I was skeptical about him being the main character, but he impressed me from start to finish. He made a noteworthy performance. The funniest part of the movie is the scene where he distracted Ronan with his unexpected song-and-dance number.

Peter Quill Chris Pratt
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Zoe Saldana as Gamora still hasn’t lost her spunk. I liked her first in Colombiana. Now with Bradley Cooper, I expected to see him but it turned out he’s the smart and assertive Rocket Raccoon, at par with his character in Limitless. Drax, played by wrestler Dave Batista, fits the character perfectly. And I’m extra proud because he’s of Filipino descent. Merle of The Walking Dead is also there! He played the weird guy, Yondu.

Saving the best for last — Groot! Voiced by Vin Diesel, he may appear to be dumb and can only mouth three (or four!) words, but he’s the sweetest and most charming of all. I was indeed affected when he sacrificed his life to protect his friends.

The movie has the same Marvel “seal of approval”, with equal parts action and comedy. It’s impossible not to love this latest Marvel movie release.

I Am Groot Smiling
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I’ve been seeing a lot of this Funko Pop vinyl on my Instagram feed before I watched Guardians of the Galaxy, and now it’s on my Wish List. ♥ I know that a lot of die-hard Pop collectors would cross oceans to get their hands on this particular toy, but I’d leave my chance to fate. LOL.

Groot Funko Pop Vinyl
Groot Funko Pop Vinyl

There is an adorable [dancing] baby Groot at the end of the movie and it’s now available at Big Boys Toy Store for pre-order. Costs PhP 395 each.

Potted Groot
Potted Groot (PhP 395)
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Guardians of the Galaxy

Published: 2014-08-13 13:37:09

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