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I Found It On Galleon.PH


Shopping is therapeutic. Whether it be retail therapy, shopping at malls, or online shopping, the effect is just the same. Don’t you just love that rush of euphoria while carrying a couple of shopping bags or that intense excitement after clicking that ‘Checkout’ button?

I’m a recovering shopaholic but deep in my heart I wouldn’t want to get better. LOL. Most especially right now that I am hooked with online shopping. In fact there are a few local e-commerce shops I regularly visit and purchase from, but unfortunately, they don’t carry some of my favorite imported brands.

I can purchase from US online stores if I want to (kung gusto, may paraan — am I right?), but thinking about fees on top of fees (item price + shipping fees + international/local taxes and duties + other SURPRISE charges), then add to that the hassle of getting/receiving the package, I think the overall experience would be downright horrible, even traumatic. Yikes.

So, I’m glad to introduce to you (if you haven’t known them/it already) GALLEON PH. Shop then ship, it’s that easy. 🙂

All Aboard Galleon.PH

Adopted from the Spanish trading ships called Manila Galleons, Galleon.PH is an e-commerce website giving us – Filipino shoppers – the opportunity to buy products that are NOT available here in the Philippines. This innovative idea allows us to enjoy more shopping options other than the ones we have here in our own country. 

Galleon PH Features:

  • Prices (in PhP) are all-inclusive and they take care of shipping, customs and taxes. No surprise charges. 🙂
  • Ships nationwide and delivers via air (6-12 business days) and sea (35-40 business days). All items are shipped to your doorstep!
  • Has efficient customer care. With that, buying and shipping of items not on their website can be requested.
  • Has multiple payment modes: Check out
  • Has a “ship my item” feature where in act as a PO box service but you don’t get charged shipping fee by the box but on the item itself.

Galleon PH Forwarding

TOP 3 Products I want from Galleon.PH

After browsing for a good 10 minutes from the website’s selection of products, I found 3 items that I actually want to purchase for my kids: Magnetic MightyMind, Photo Conversation Cards for Children with Autism and Asperger’s, and EasyLunchboxes.

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Magnetic MightyMind

I’ve been eyeing this valuable learning tool on since last year. And *drumroll, please* I found it on Galleon.PH! Winner of Parents’ Choice, Dr. Toy, and Teachers’ Choice Awards, the Magnetic MightyMind is “an activity toy that develops the essential skills every child needs. MightyMind develops creativity & helps children understand visual/spatial relationships.”

Galleon PH Magnetic MightyMind

I want my preschooler, Z, to learn how to solve puzzles on his own by following a logical sequence of patterns. I’m also exposing him to all kinds of learning and play activities as much as possible, for him to fully discover his talents and skills.

Magnetic Mighty Mind Galleon PH

Photo Conversation Cards for Children with Autism and Asperger’s

Just imagine my delight after stumbling upon this item, the Photo Conversation Cards for Children with Autism and Asperger’s. Thank you Galleon.PH!

My toddler, N, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder last year and I’m on the hunt for educational toys and tools since then, to help him catch up with his speech and learning delays.

Galleon PH Photo Conversion Cards for Children with Autism and Aspergers

Featuring 90 photo cards with stories and practical ideas intended for special learners, this product makes an excellent tool for improving communication skills and handling the nuances of social interactions.

Photo Conversation Cards Galleon PH
EasyLunchboxes 3-Compartment Bento Lunch Box Containers

Being a stay-at-home mom, making mealtimes fun and enjoyable is one of my homemaking priorities. I already have a stash of bento tools but.. the more the merrier, right? (This line is slowly becoming my shopping motto, oh noes..)

The third item on my list is a popular lunchbox system in the US, the EasyLunchboxes.

Galleon PH EasyLunchBoxes

EasyLunchboxes is designed with kid-friendly, easy-open lids, it is great for toddlers and people with special needs. It also makes dieting and portion control easy-just the right amount of food, without having to weigh or measure meals. Durable and reusable, stackable, FDA-approved, what else could I ask for? I can quickly prepare healthy and delicious meals for my kids’ baon at school. 🙂

EasyLunchboxes Galleon PH

I’ve just shared with you my wishlist from Galleon.PH. What’s yours? 🙂

I know you have at least ONE item from the US that you wish you can get. Search it on Galleon.PH.. and you might just find it there. 🙂

Don’t forget to follow Galleon.PH’s social media accounts. Anyone who shares my post will get a 10% coupon (valid until March 5, 2016), just email me. Happy shopping! 🙂

Galleon PH Logo


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