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IDBuddy App for iOS and Android – Your 24/7 ID Manager



ID Buddy Mobile App

You can now store your Identification Cards or IDs with the new IDBuddy App, your 24/7 ID Manager. It is Applabs Digital Studios‘ first identification card management tool which serves as your instant ID holder and back-up. You can save and manage all your IDs and bring them anywhere and anytime.


IDBuddy App - ID Manager

Accounts are private and you will be asked to create a personal passcode (aside from a password) so you don’t have to worry about identity theft. Plus, having back-ups on your mobile phone will make you feel more confident without the stress of added weight or bulk in your wallet.


ID Buddy App for Android and iOS


Add the front and optional back images of your IDs either by using your device’s camera or pulling a photo from your camera roll. Include the ID number, ID name and expiration date of each card. You can also save and classify all your government, private, membership, and school identification cards in their respective tabs.
IDBuddy will also remember the expiration dates through the alarm feature, and will even alert you when you need to renew your identification cards. This way you can keep track of all your ID cards’ validity.

ID Buddy App


There’s also a search feature which allows you to easily find your IDs and a sharing option which will allow you to send a copy of your identity cards to necessary recipients via electronic mail.

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ID Buddy by AppLabs

IDBuddy is available on both Android and iOS platforms. IDBuddy Lite Version is FREE (save up to 3 IDs only) and the full version is USD $1.99. For more info, visit or check out their video on YouTube: IDBuddy App – ID Manager Tool.
AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. is a mobile and web applications development company headquartered in Eastwood City, Philippines. Established in 2011, AppLabs aims to develop custom application solutions for multiple technology platforms that will educate, entertain, and inform people of all ages. For more information, please visit



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