Freshen Up Anytime, Anywhere with Intimist Feminine Spray


If you’re one who places a high premium on your hygiene wellness, the Intimist Feminine Spray by MJL Chemical Supplies and Laboratory allows you to freshen up, anytime, anywhere.

Intimist Feminine Spray

I’ve been recently introduced to Intimist Feminine Spray, a non-rinse feminine care product that effectively kills odor-causing bacteria, solves itch-related problems, maintains the natural PH balance and provides a feeling of cool relief to the intimate area. It enables women to clean and freshen up their intimate area while they are on-the-go, even in waterless situations.

Intimist Feminine Spray

Women who are always on-the-go are currently unable to clean themselves as much whenever they are outdoors due to the lack of fully functional restrooms, the expensiveness of feminine wipes and the tendency of some wipes to cause skin irritation.

Moreover, tissue alone is not enough to clean the area because it only absorbs excess moisture and does nothing to get rid of the odor-causing bacteria in the area. As a result, these women develop odor build-up and an uncomfortable feeling in their intimate area, especially during their period, and these hinder them to focus on performing their duties well.

Unlike the usual feminine wipes and feminine washes, Intimist is refillable, has a cheaper per-use cost and can be used even when restrooms lack amenities. It comes in three travel sizes (10 ml, 20 ml and 60 ml) to ensure portability and convenience for women with active lifestyles.

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Intimist, then, serves as the source of convenience and comfort of women even when they are away from home.

What I love about Intimist Feminine Spray:

  • Convenience. Can be used at home and while I’m on-the-go.
  • Affordability. It has a cheaper per-use cost. It would only take the user 3 to 5 sprays per use. The spray bottles are also refillable and refill bottles are priced a lot cheaper compared to the spray bottles.
  • Purse-friendly size.
  • Comes in 4 variants: Sporty Spirit, Jazzy Jasmine, Classic Cassie, and Preppy Posh.
  • Anti-bacterial formulation.

Spray Bottle Pricing: 10 ml (PHP 70), 20 ml (PHP 100), 60 ml (PHP 150). Refill Bottle Pricing: 60 ml (PHP 70), 130 ml (PHP 150), 250 ml (PHP 300).

Intimist Feminine Spray Travel Size

The intimist feminine spray fits perfectly inside my travel essentials purse.

MJL Chemical Supplies and Laboratory is a sole proprietorship startup company that aims to offer a solution to the shortcomings of existing feminine hygiene products in the market.


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