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Jessica Simpson goes "Bare"


Jessica Simpson without make up!

Hollywood actress and singer Jessica Simpson goes “bare” in Marie Claire’s May issue. She posed for the magazine with no makeup and zero Photoshop retouching. However, I don’t think she hadn’t put ANY makeup on. Anyway, I love the almost zero makeup, au naturel look.

I think now’s the time for women to realize that they can look great without having to put on tons of makeup in their faces.


Quoting Jessica:

“I do think we put too much pressure on women to be beautiful, and to be perfect. The show was my own search to find my own beauty within.”

I’m a makeup lover but I don’t think women should have the idea of “overdoing” it, unless a special occasion really calls for it. And I get really disappointed with men magazines that show altered women figures. Come on, we want real women with real curves. We want them raw; not digitally manipulated.

Published: 2010-04-07 18:27:00

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