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John and Yoko’s Oceans 11





Me and my officemates dined at John and Yoko Restaurant located in Greenbelt 5 way back last year. We ordered this mixed sushi and sashimi called “Oceans 11” for Php 759.00.

Well, I’m a die hard Japanese food fan so the price doesn’t really matter. Plus, I had my three officemates to share the bill with haha!

One Oceans 11 bowl includes tuna sashimi (maguro), salmon sashimi (sake), cooked shrimps (ebi), squid sashimi (ika), Japanese omelette (tamago), fish eggs (masago), crabsticks, a generous serving of wasabi, and other sushi variants I didn’t know.





The second time I went there with my boyfriend-turned-hubby, we ordered Sushi Conspiracy, Japaella (Japanese Paella) and a thin crust pizza. I suggest you go try the Japaella – the dish is worth your every penny! Thanks Karen for the Oceans 11 photo!

Published: 2009-08-17 23:48:00

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