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My Journey to Lifelong Good Health


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I had to admit that I used to neglect my physical well-being when I was younger. Many times I would choose to eat fast food instead of my mom’s home-cooked dishes. I also spent more time in front of the computer or in front of the TV instead of getting active and going to the gym. For years, I have deprived myself of sleep every time I would enjoy reading a novel or talking to my friends over the telephone. I had no idea that my unhealthy lifestyle would be taking its toll on my body.

During my early twenties, I would often get sick due to UTI and anemia. Not drinking enough water everyday and eating too much salty food resulted to a number of painful trips to the emergency room. I even took antibiotics for two years (with two or three month intervals or breaks in between) then started losing a significant amount of weight. My BMI (Body Mass Index) showed I’m underweight and my body felt so weak. I also had a few fainting spells because of anemia and they got worse during my pregnancies.

Looking back now, I wish I’ve given more importance to my health and listened to my body. It’s still not too late, I hope, even if I cannot completely undo the damage from the past. I’m now 27 and nearing my thirties so I need to be more health-conscious and start making difficult lifestyle decisions.

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The Promise of Good Health
I started with choosing a vitamin supplement that promises good health, Circulan. It is an all-in-one dietary supplement made with potent herbs such as Hawthorn, Gingko Biloba, Garlic Oil Extract, and Lemon Balm. Hawthorn is rich in antioxidants. It helps boost heart health and prevent cardiovascular problems. In this day and age, everyone is at risk due to the increasingly sedentary lifestyle and new food trends. Gingko Biloba not only improves blood circulation but also treats memory disorders (memory loss, headache, vertigo, concentration difficulty, Alzheimer’s disease) and mood disturbances. Garlic oil extract is known for treating high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack, and other conditions related to the circulatory system. It is also an effective antibacterial agent, preventing and treating a wide range of diseases such as cold and flu. Lemon balm is an effective herb for high blood pressure. It is also believed to be effective in treating digestive and mental problems. With all these benefits, I can add years to my life and enjoy every second of it with a healthy body and mind.

Of course I still have to do my part – eat healthy, exercise regularly, get enough rest and sleep, and maintain a positive outlook in life. With these and Circulan’s promise of good health, I can look forward to a healthier, happier me.



Circulan Dietary Supplement

Published: 2013-11-03 16:37:17

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