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Kailyn Lowry Shows Off Baby Bump, Talks Pregnancy


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Kailyn is not letting her third pregnancy stop her from pursuing her goals! At least that’s what the 24 year old said Sunday, when she revealed that she is still on track to graduate in May with her Bachelor’s degree in communications. Kailyn went on to say that her boys, 7 year old Issac and 3 year old Lincoln are excited to become big brothers. Issac is hoping for a little girl, but Lincoln wants a little brother. Kailyn also says that she will not find out the sex of the baby until it is born, since she likes the surprise.

Find out the sex of the baby
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Now that Kailyn announced her pregnancy, she no longer has to hide her baby bump, and she has been putting in on full display since letting the cat out of the bag. In a recent series of shots posted to social media, Kailyn documented her progress on redecorating one of the rooms in her house. She tried to camouflage her bump in a baggy hoodie, but you could definitely see it in the snaps where she was turned to the side. We will be watching closely to see how her baby bump progresses, and we wish her all the best in continuing to pursue her goals!

Published: 2017-03-02 07:24:41

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