Kawaii Birthday Cake and Cupcake Tower

These were the kawaii birthday cake and kawaii cupcakes I ordered from Anna Banana’s Online Bakeshop for my son’s 1st birthday last December 2010.
I started searching for online bakers 3 months before the event. Before sending out emails, I checked each and every photo album to make sure I’m making the right choice. I’m into details and I want the cakes “pulido” (polished) and almost perfect.
I asked Ms. Anna for a quotation in October and informed her about the party theme (Japanese/Anime/Naruto/Cosplay). I requested for Naruto cupcakes like the ones below but she declined. She said that the design is too complicated and the theme is completely new to her.

Naruto Cupcakes by Faeries Demise

So instead of Naruto, I considered having kawaii characters as accents. The kawaii concept is also Japanese so it still fits the party theme. Kawaii is a Japanese term which means “cute“. Cuteness seems to be a highly valued aesthetic quality in Japanese society and particularly Japanese pop culture.

I Love Kawaii

Kawaii Characters

Kawaii Cupcakes

Kawaii Cupcakes Faces

Since I was in full control of the party planning, knowing every single detail of what’s gonna happen that day seemed boring. I needed something to surprise me with, something that’s not written down nor planned. So, I allowed the baker to freely design my son’s birthday cake and cupcakes. My only concern was them turning out to be too cute and almost girly. On the contrary, the outcome was perfect. Anna did a great job making them look “kawaii” for a birthday boy.

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Zaiel’s 8″ fondant cake in banana-chocochip flavor.

Kawaii Birthday Cake


I preferred fondant because there’s a limitless opportunity to be creative with decorations. I also like the smooth, shiny finish over the traditional soft butter cream frosting.

Kawaii Birthday Cake - Fondant Decoration


I didn’t expect the cake to be heavy, its weight was equivalent to two large cakes in Goldilocks. It was moist and yummy too. Sulit talaga!

Banana Chocochip Cake

Banana Chocochip cake - Anna Banana


These are the cute birthday cupcakes in mocha and banana flavors. CUTENESS overload!

Anna Banana Online Bakeshop - Kawaii Cupcakes in Fondant

Kawaii Cupcakes - Anna Banana Online Bakeshop

Kawaii Cupcakes - Anna Banana Bakeshop

Anna Banana Online Bakeshop - Kawaii Cupcakes


Anna delivered them an hour before the party, just enough time to set up the cupcake tower stand. Thank you so much!

Kawaii Cupcake Tower - Anna Banana

Kawaii Cupcake Tower



I won’t put up prices here. You may just contact Ms. Anna through her Multiply site (annabananna72.multiply.com) and Facebook page (facebook.com/Anna.Bananas.Bakeshop) for a quotation. In the meanwhile, feast your eyes on some of her other kawaii cakes and mouthwatering creations below. Enjoy!

Anniversary cupcakes

Anniversary Cupcakes - Anna Banana


Spongebob cupcakes

Spongebob Cupcakes - Anna Banana


Juicy Couture Bag Cake

Juicy Couture Bag Cake - Anna Banana


Miami Heat cupcakes

Miami Heat Cupcakes - Anna Banana


Circles and Swirls cake

Cake Circles - Anna Banana


Birthday cupcakes for boys

Birthday Cupcakes - Anna Banana


Snow White cupcakes

Snow White Cupcakes - Anna Banana


I Love You cupcakes

Birthday I Love You Cupcakes - Anna Banana


Jungle Safari Birthday cake

Safari Birthday Cake - Anna Banana


Check out my other blog entry for a list of online bakers: Online Cupcake Bakers


Published: 2011-05-05 14:15:29


  1. gUrLaLiEn

    ISPANSBAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    05 . May . 2011
    • Amethystine

      cute nung spongebob noh? 😀

      05 . May . 2011
  2. OSeñorita

    All of them are so Kawaii!!! (cute) And they all look so yummy!!!

    06 . May . 2011
    • Amethystine

      Thank you! 🙂

      12 . May . 2011
  3. melissa velasco

    Wher is the shop place? so cute the cake its real kawaii…

    05 . Aug . 2012
    • Amethystine

      Hi! It’s an online bakeshop. Check out their FB page: facebook.com/Anna.Bananas.Bakeshop

      19 . Sep . 2012

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