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Why Kids Should Get Into the ‘Fruitas Habit’


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I’ve known this saying since grade school but sometimes I tend to forget its importance. I am not a healthy eater, but when my two kids are involved, I try my best to make healthy choices.

Get Into The Fruitas Habit
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According to the Food and Nutrition Research Institute‘s (FNRI) study, fruit consumption in Filipino households has decreased by as much as 50% since 1978. Taking this into acacount, the Fruitas Holdings Inc. launched the “Fruitas Habit”, a nutrition program for Filipino families.

The Fruitas Habit aims to improve the health of Filipinos, especially the children and encourages everyone to get into the habit of fruit consumption by adding a serving of fruit into one’s daily diet.

Kids Fresh Art

The Fruitas Habit kicked off with the awarding ceremony and exhibit of the Kids Fresh Art competition, a nationwide inter-school art competition which took place earlier this year. The students were invited to illustrate images of proper fruit consumption and how it can improve the overall health of Filipino families.

The winners took home art supplies, cash prizes, and free art classes. Their artworks are also printed on 22 oz. Fruitas cups available in all Fruitas branches nationwide.

Aside from the exhibit, there were lectures about proper fruit consumption. Several speakers were invited to share the benefits eating fruits. I learned that to get the most out of the fruits we eat, we need to consume fruits in different colors. Think about the rainbow as your inspiration.

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Fruitas Habit Event

Fun activities were prepared for guests, both on-stage and off-stage. Winners took home Fruitas gift cards, loot bags, and of course, fruits! Me and my son took on the memory game and the giant puzzle challenge!

FHI also surprised the guests and mall-goers with a buffet of fruits. The long table was wiped out in minutes! 🙂

Fruit Buffet Fruitas

Probably the best part of the event (for me!) was the bento demo of Ms. Kaye of Bento Mommas. She taught the audience some tips on how to prepare a healthy bento snack for children. Perfect for the kids’ baon!

Here’s my own version of a healthy bento snack. If you’re making a bento snack box, make sure to include at least one item from each food group. 🙂 

Kids need to boost their immune system because they’re vulnerable to diseases and infections. Give them fruits everyday. If your child is picky, you can make some yummy smoothies out of frozen fruits. Just add milk. 🙂

Caterpillar Bento Box

Let’s all get into the Fruitas Habit! Kaya this holiday season, don’t forget to include fruits in your shopping list. 🙂

Published: 2017-12-05 14:23:42


  1. Michi (@michisolee)

    My son is not fond of eating fruits but he enjoys fruit shake. So we bought blender so we can make our own smoothies at home. GInagaya ko nga din yung fruit blends ng Fruitas. 🙂

    07 . Dec . 2017
  2. Janice

    Our family loves fruits. But we tend to eat the same kinds every week. Dapat pala iba iba and to make sure we eat fruits of different colors.

    09 . Dec . 2017
  3. nilyncartagena

    Nate isn’t great when it comes to fruits but he eats them. Banana, apple and orange ang fave nya. But, like Michi’s son, hindi tinatanggihan ni Nate ang juices so Fruitas will be a good option for him.

    09 . Dec . 2017
  4. momsshoutout

    fruit shake in fruitas is my sons fave smoothies. His choice is always the mango shake

    09 . Dec . 2017
  5. gilian

    My 2nd son will love these. He loves fruits and veggies soo much that he eats them for snacks. =) He’ll drool over these fruit stands. haha I love fruitas. It’s a great way to engage and encourage kids to drink healthy.

    10 . Dec . 2017

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