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Kimono Ken Kind of Dinner


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The stuff I had to do during weekends seemed worthy to have a “NeverEnding Story” title. I doubt if I can finish everything because everyday brings new tasks to do and challenges to conquer. So as expected, our family had our little bonding time at the mall a week ago and we ended that day with good food at Kimono Ken. Yes, when I get really tired and grumpy, serve me with good food then I’ll definitely get better.

Me and my son shared this Katsudon (PhP 220) dish. The serving is good enough for two actually, so I didn’t bother ordering another dish from the menu for me. What I loved about their katsudon is the savory sweet sauce that mixes well with the deep-fried breaded porkloin and egg.

I tried making katsudon at home using Top Torikatsu with the sauce I made from scratch. It didn’t taste as good as this one by Kimono Ken but it wasn’t bad either.

Kimono Ken SM North - Katsudon
It was a ramen-kind-of-dinner for my husband. He ordered Miso Ramen (PhP 220) and we were happy that it was hearty and filling. Its miso-based soup is rich and spicy and it’s topped with minced pork and vegetables such as mushrooms, carrots, and [monggo] bean sprouts or toge.

Their Gomoku Ramen is also good.

Kimono Ken Miso Ramen
Our simple Japanese dinner wouldn’t be complete without sushi. Their Chicken Teriyaki Roll (PhP 180) with chicken teriyaki, mango, lettuce, sesame seeds, and special sauce (on top) is quite good, but not as tasty as their Philadelphia Roll.

Kimono Ken Branches - Chicken Teriyaki Roll
We had Philadelphia Roll (PhP 250) from one of our visits in the past. It has cooked salmon, kani, and cream cheese. This maki is probably in my Top 5 [maki] favorites. They were really generous with the cream cheese and the flavors are awesoooooome.

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I’d like to try their Teppanyaki and mixed sushi platters if ever we’ll drop by again.

Kimono Ken Menu - Philadelphia Roll


Kimono Ken
3rd Level, SM The Block, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City

Published: 2014-07-21 16:15:04

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