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Kotex Luxe Design Pads


Kotex Luxe Design Pads are here to WOW your ordinary days and uplift your spirits during red days.

Kotex Luxe Design Pads

Cool designs, aren’t they? I think that every teen/tween should at least try them. It’s nothing close to a major change but at least your self-confidence might kick up a notch just at the thought of, “I’m hot because my undies rock and my pads are printed.” Each pack doesn’t cost a fortune too, so why not?

These sanitary napkins are way too cute to use, and seriously, I think they are not meant to be stained.  Two design sets are available, Indie Chic and Girl-Next-Door. I hope they add some vintage designs in the future.

I think they should make designs for pantyliners too, since they don’t get too messy compared to sanitary napkins.


Indie Chic (artsy and simply enigmatic)

Kotex Luxe Design Pads - Indie Chic

Girl-Next-Door (with florals, spirals, and hearts for an ultra-girly feel)

Kotex Luxe Design Pads - Girl Next Door

Take your red days to the next level with Kotex Luxe Design Pads!

Published: 2010-09-30 15:03:22

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